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(。・ω・。)ノ♡ Sweetest Memory?

K well let me tell you something that digs a little into my personal life. I’ve never had a birthday party, never even spent it with friends. And it would make sense because my birthday’s over the summer right (June 26)? Sort of, anyways. So over the summer I’d planned to spend it with two friends of mine that I barely hang out with but are really cool people. I.. well I think I have a crush on one of them (I admire this guy a lot haha) and I was thrilled to know we’d be spending our time together. We set forth on our bicycles to the local shops to buy ice cream but bailed and went for bubble tea instead. He took us to his favorite place and I notice they had matcha (mind you, I LOVE green tea flavored things, especially matcha) so I was psyched and started to tell him about it! But then the ad for it was right next to the list of mochas so we ended up bickering a little over that. He ended up getting a regular green tea boba and we had a great time! I really liked how alike our choices were and turning sixteen with friends for the first time felt very special.. ya know? :) /I bet my words got all jumbled omg

I've been thinking over what you said hdhfife it's fine

This honestly hasn’t been the first time someone has told me that I’m too nice, or that I have weak defenses. And I have to say, had you known me, eh, three years ago I’m sure I remember getting into many fights (verbal, ofc) but the thing is… I just got really tired of yelling sense into people who wouldn’t listen anyways and just… yeah. I don’t want to scream at people anymore when it can be avoided. Oh yeah, there were also those times where I wished to be violent, where I seriously wanted to physically hurt others in ways worse than I myself had been hurt. Especially my mom like wow. It’s a place and time I never want to go back to, and I never actually got to hurt anyone either because every time I’d become all hypersensitive about the other person’s feelings. Surely they would feel the same as I felt: hurt, shocked, betrayed. It’s pretty sappy but I never wish for people to feel those feelings and I sure don’t now.

But yes, there are times when I remember how to hurt people, when I’ve hurt people, and now I think that you’re right, when you say it’s hard for me to be anything but friendly. It really is, haha.

To all my followers— I know I don’t talk much on here but I’m going to be taking a hiatus from tumblr to sort out my life so I won’t have to be so anxious about not doing work anymore. I don’t know how long I’ll be gone but hopefully not too long. But you never know with these things, so… yeah. I’m going to miss seeing notifications from you guys since you all seem really sweet, but this is just a time for me to tend to my personal needs. Take care, everyone ~

Does anyone else ever mix up their tags because I feel like every now and then I mix up “animals”, “food”, and homestuck.

I’ll tag food as homestuck or animals as food and I’m like no that’s not what I meant at all I’m sorry OTL

Oh man I just found out that the phrase I use to tag my personal posts is actually some blog’s url (I mean, they speak Japanese but still) and I feel really bad now but I can’t think of anything better to tag those personal posts and as long as they don’t have a problem with it then I think I’ll be okay…? ~ .~;

Just saying, if you’re having trouble finding some good traits in you, as your friend, I really like:

- How you smell like shampoo (is that weird that I like it? well whatever)

- How you hair is so soft (probably because of your shampoo, hehe)

- Your facial expressions (and face, no shoosh me likes)

- Your quirkiness (it’s hard not to, ok? xD)

- I get that you worry about your body but I just love it ok, and that’s going to be hard to take, but just know, I’d never leave you over it, and I don’t think anyone else would, either. 


If it makes you feel better, your friends aren’t perfect, either. I don’t know if you’ve been comparing yourself to us but oh well I’ll say it anyways. Today while trying on dresses, she was trying one on and she had a scar running down her abdomen that she got from surgery. Now, we never notice because clothes cover it up easily but she’s actually very insecure about it so maybe I shouldn’t put this here but agh you know, insecurities  And that doesn’t mean any insecurity is more justified than another. It’s okay to have insecurities. 

My point is, well, don’t criticize yourself too harshly, because things always change. No matter how great your flaws I will stay with you and love you all the same.

With love,


What if schools didn’t expect anything from their students like doing homework or passing tests? Maybe then we could actually explore and learn things as we discover them for ourselves. Maybe we could do something great and unexpected on our own. So much creativity is wasted because we focus too much on passing exams and its really disappointing.