Yessss. I have waited so long for this. And it manages to be more awesome than I thought it would be even in this small quantity.

So… Kiel figured out how to do the ‘safe’ kind of demon possession? Tell me moooorrreee.

I’m also intensely interested if she cracked the mysteries around sentient summons that was so heavily foreshadowed during the ‘trip into the school’s basement’ arc. I’m pretty sure there’s an actual in-universe way for her to save her mother, and I’d like to see those plot threads followed, too.

NTM I’m curious about what Demon!Naal is up to these days.

I don’t think we’re getting much more in this chapter, but I am going to wait so hard for a little spotlight treatment of Kiel. So hard.


Episode 6 of 6. The finale of this animation project. Going online during our twelveth anniversary. Not that many projects left online after so many years. Yet we’re still a small obscure niche. The only reason why we’ve lasted this long is thanks to our readers!

Some of the main points of views in the story have no concept arts, for they are drawn too often to justify doing one. With the new trend of posting a link to every character profiles, i thought that making a quick one for Kiel would be good. Keep things consistent. Worth doing for the other characters? I don’t know yet.


In honor of the graphic tablet upgade. An all requests livestream was made on the 30th june. the result is above. We actually managed to break paint tool sai canvas limit with that one. Next time, might take more horizontal space to spread the madness more evenly.
Someone suggested to make this a monthly endeavor, which could work. If i do one of these though, this mean no Kiel adventure for that week.