JAMES HERNANDEZ is 17 YEARS OLD and looks a lot like THATSOJACK. Fortunately, he’s OPEN.

James is your average seventeen year old guy who lives in Hollywood, except a lot of people think that the fact that he likes girls and guys should make him different. When he was younger and came out as bisexual, in eighth grade, people made fun of him, but now with the help of some anti-depressants, James is fine with people and he’s happy with himself. He’s a diva, and everyone knows it. They also know not to mess with him or he might destroy them is sarcastic comebacks. 

+ happy, innocent

- diva-like, obnoxious

Holly Simpson: Holly is his best friend and always will be. They’re basically the same person. If Holly hates someone, so does James. If James loves a celebrity, so does Holly. 

Camila Cabello-Mahone: He’s extremely close with his Aunt. After his father left, James’ mother wasn’t the same and she wasn’t exactly mothering the same as used to, so James resorted to becoming like a son to his aunt. 

Caitlin Efron: He can’t stand the girl. They’re just bitches to each other and James can’t stand her. 


Orion Howell-Lester is 19 years old and looks a lot like Alex Arnold. Unortunately, he is CLOSED

Orion has always been the black sheep of his family. He’s not necessarily a bad kid, but he’s not a good one either. People see his long hair and think he’s some kind of thug which is far from true. Orion is one of the sweetest people you’ll meet if you get past his bad boy, tough guy exterior.

+Kind hearted, funny

-Misunderstood, cynical

Blue-Ivy Carter: Orion doesn’t stand a chance with Blue Ivy. She’s a good girl, and he’s a punk. That doesn’t stop him from harboring a crush on her though.

Lucas Malik: Lucas is one of Orion’s best friends.

Dan Howell-Lester: Orion was his dad’s first kids. As a kid he promised to never let them down. As he got older he began feeling like he broke that promise. Relations are strained between him and his biological dad.


BROOKS SIMPSON is 17 YEARS OLD and looks a lot like IAN NELSON. Fortunately, he is OPEN.

Brooks is the oldest of the Simpson kids. It’s a good thing that he is, because if it wasn’t him watching over his siblings whenever his parents were away, things would’ve fallen apart years ago. He’s the glue that keeps the family together, and he often puts their needs before his. He loves his family more than anything, and he hates it whenever they are apart. Because of the fact that he constantly has to take care of his siblings, he isn’t really popular at school. Of course, he’s widely known because of who his parents are, but that’s it. Other than that, he’s the weird kids that doesn’t go to any social events. He could be popular if he tried, but that’s not the #1 thing on his priority list.

+ Family-oriented, level-headed

- Anti-social, distant

Mila Simpson: Brooks’ life revolves around his little sister. Since he and Keaton were born first, they had more time to get close with their parents. Mila; on the other hand, never really got that opportunity. He tries his hardest to be there for her, but he can never truly take the place of their mom and dad.

Keaton Simpson: Keaton is Brooks’ twin, and they are only apart by 9 minutes. They aren’t alike, though. Keaton would rather go out and party as opposed to stay home and watch movies with his little sister. Brooks doesn’t mind, though. He doesn’t want to say anything that will anger his twin brother.

Olivia Bieber: He’s had her eyes on her for a while, but he feels that he’ll never have a chance with her because she’s so cool, whereas he’s a nobody.


Aldrin Hernandez is 18 years old and looks a lot like Jeremy Shada. Fortunately, he is OPEN.

Aldrin, as most people would say, is the boy version of his mother. They’re both very goofy and love to make people smile. Aldrin is a total mama’s boy, and that became even stronger was his mom and dad divorced. Not many people know this side to Aldrin, though. When they hear his name, they think of the boy that he usually shows at school. Brown hair, tall, and very hot. Girls love him for his face, and it’s not that it’s a bad thing, but he can’t find a girl and just commit himself to her. He’s not a player, he just wants a girl who will love him for him, not his face, nor who his mom is. 

+Intuitive, Positive

-Hides his feelings, inquisitive

Brooks Simpson: Brooks is Aldrin’s best friend. Their moms are pretty much sisters, so their families had been close for a very long time. 

Ally Brooke Hernandez: Aldrin love his mom, and he’s a big mama’s boy. 

Amara Hernandez: He was never really close with his younger sister, but ever since his parents got divorced, he developed a sense of protectiveness over her.

Beckett Somerhalder is 15 years old and looks a lot like Up to Rper. Fortunately, he is OPEN

Beckett is one of the popular kids in school, but is in no way an asshole, or jerk. He likes to mess around and is nice to almost everyone. However, he does have social anxiety. He doesn’t like big crowds and refuses partake in public speaking.

+Kind, funny

-Anxious, awkward

Juliette Somerhalder: Beckett gets along with his older sister more than most of his siblings, for the pure fact that they’re both awkward in group settings. He can be a little overprotective of her at times, but he just doesn’t want his big sister hurt.

Zooey Somerhalder: Beckett and Zooey fight a lot. They just don’t get along. When they were younger they had an amazing relationship, but it sizzled out.

Cruz Styles-Tomlinson: Cruz is Beckett’s best friend. They don’t talk much in school, mostly because Cruz skipped a few grades and is a senior, while Beckett is a sophomore, but when they’re out of school, they’re nearly always together.


Athan Hemsworth ~ 15 ~ FC: Colin Ford ~ Open 

Athan is a generally sweet guy. He’ll greet you with a smile and always make you smile. He truly is a gentleman. Unlike most boys his age, he isn’t interested in partying or doing pranks. He is pretty popular around school, but he doesn’t let that go to his head. Soccer is what he likes to call his escape. He plays other sports, but soccer is his life. It’s the one and only thing that he truly loves doing. When he plays, he forgets about all the drama that goes on in the spotlight. 

+ Gentlemen, charming 

- Shy, reserved 

Alexis Blackburn: Athan has had a crush on Alexis for as long as he could remember. He loves everything about her. 

Connor Hemsworth: Out of all his brothers, Athan is the closet to Connor. He can tell him anything. 

Liam Hemsworth: Athan is very close to his father. Liam was the one who got him interested in soccer, actually. With Liam being away quite often for work, Athan does miss him a lot and he wishes that he could be home more often.


Jem Evans is 18 YEARS OLD and looks a lot like Grant Gustin. Fortunately, he is OPEN.

His given name was Jeremy but his step-mother and her friends nicknamed the boy Jem, after Jem Finch from To Kill A Mockingbird when he was three. Jem didn’t mind though, he liked his nickname. Jem was always a bright kid, always wanting to learn new stuff. When he graduated he had planned on attending school at Princeton University but decided against it, solely because he didn’t want to leave his family. Now he’s majoring in psychology at UCLA.

+Intelligent, kind

-Bitter, over-bearing

Normani Evans: Jem love his step-mother, they have always been close. His parents broke up when he was two, so he never really knew his mom.

Tristan Evans: Jem wished he was closer to his dad, he’s just never had that relationship with him that he wanted.


Jesse Reynolds ~ 14 ~ FC: Peyton Meyer ~ Closed

Jesse is the youngest of the Reynolds’ kids. He was a few months old when Blake and Ryan divorced, so he’s never really cared that his mom has a new fiance. He doesn’t see his dad often and loves hanging out with Chace.

+Caring, smart

-Over-Protective, shy

Aurora Tisdale: Jesse knows that Aurora is practically his step-sister, but he can’t help but have a crush on her.

Chace Crawford: Chace is the first real father figure that Jesse has had. He can’t thank him enough for being there. Jesse however, wishes his dad, Ryan would call him every now and then

Blair Harding: Blair is one of Jesse’s best friends. He tells her everything, expect that he likes Aurora.


Jamie Trevino ~ 8 ~ FC: Joshua Rush ~ Open

Jamie is such a good kid, he enjoys playing with his siblings. The piano is something he is very talented at, he really enjoys playing it for himself. He’d much rather keep things to himself then share them. Jamie feels comfortable in his shell and gets nervous opening up to others. Besides his parents and Julian’s close friends, Jamie is the only other one who knows about Julian’s disorder. He doesn’t quite get what Julian is going through but he hates seeing his older brother constantly getting mad at everything.

Personality Traits:

+ Gentle, Fun-loving
- Shy, Fearful


Michael Trevino: Jamie is closest to his father. He’s shy around everyone but his parents, he opens up more so around his dad.

Julian Trevino: Jamie doesn’t fully understand Julian. He doesn’t get why is brother is constantly having mood swings and getting mad.

Heaven Carter: Jamie is so shy around Heaven, he’s not sure why. Maybe it’s her big personality or maybe it’s that he lies her.


KEATON SIMPSON is 17 years old and looks a lot like ADAM IRIGOYEN. Fortunately, he is OPEN.  

Keaton is… A party boy. The total opposite of his twin brother Brooks. Brooks pretty much gave up all of his free time to take care of the family, whereas Keaton can care less. When he isn’t busy partying 24/7, you can find him alone in his room playing the guitar. Like his parents, he has a love for music. More so his father’s genre of pop-rock, not his mother’s pop. He’s not afraid to admit it, but he doesn’t go around embracing it.

+ Socialite, talented

- Ignorant, wild

Lauren Jauregui Simpson: Even though Keaton and his father are alike in many ways, he confides in his mother. He’s a big mama’s boy, despite the fact that he doesn’t act that way all the time. 

Brooks Simpson: Keaton and Brooks have never really seen eye-to-eye, that’s all because of their conflicting personalities. 


Joseph Michele ~ 18 ~ FC CHANGED TO: Luke Jai Brooks ~ Open

Joseph has never really been outgoing or popular. If he doesn’t know you, he’ll give you a small smile and not say a word. He hates having to be social and having to pretend to like having to listen to someone even though all he really wants to do is be back in his room; alone. You guessed it, Joseph has social anxiety. He doesn’t like to admit it, and he doesn’t like to show it. He thinks it makes him weird and that just feeds onto his growing hatred for the way he is. But if he does know you, Joseph is an entirely different person. He’ll smile and laugh, but eventually, he’ll slip back into his quiet, shy self all over again. 

+ Altruistic, considerate

- Reserved, introverted 

Colin Michele: Joseph and his little brother are really close, even though they are total opposites. Colin is popular, talkative, and outgoing, whereas Joseph is quiet and self-kept. The saying, “opposites attract” really applies to these two brothers.

Lea Michele: Lea is one of the few people that sees the happy Joseph, other than the personality that he shows to the rest of the world. 

Isaac Jonas: Isaac is Joseph’s best friend, mostly because they’re both “outcasts” at their school, and they hang out pretty often.

Nathan Fegan ~ 15 ~ FC: Jaden Smith ~ Open 

Nathan is the biggest flirt you will ever meet. Seriously, even if he just met a girl, he’ll flirt with her right away. He’ll give you that little smirk, and start asking for your number. Most girls find him cute, and that’s what feeds his big ego. Nathan’s so-called “swag” has become his catchphrase. Like his dad, Nathan is an amazing dancer. He can spend hours at the dance studio and wouldn’t even think he’s been there for that long. 

Personality Traits:

+ Supportive, confident 

- Arrogant, flirtatious 


Maddox Bieber: Nathan considers Maddox his best friend. They’ve been friends ever since they were in diapers. On weekends, you can find Nathan at the Bieber house playing video games or Maddox at the Fegan house shooting hoops with Nathan in the backyard. 

Hayley Fegan: Nathan feels a sense of protectiveness over his little sister. Holden doesn’t consider Hayley adopted, he definitely considers and treats her like any of his other siblings.


Lucas Malik ~ 19 ~ FC: Luke Pasqualino ~ Closed

Lucas is the oldest of the Malik children. He’s fifteen minutes older than his sister Everly and loves to remind he of that. Lucas was never the best in school. He passed, but just barely. Lucas isn’t exactly what you’d call a good role model for his younger siblings. He smokes, drinks, and does just about everything that just the thought of their child doing would make a parents skin crawl. It’s not that he’s a bad guy, he’s just not sure what to do next, and he figures, he’s young might as well have fun.

+Kind, caring

-Confused, Arrogant

Brooke Malik: Lucas has always been over protective of his sister Brooke, He’s protective of all of his siblings but Brooke in particular.

Stella Deyes: Stella is  Lucas’ best friend, he can see how much she likes Elijah and hates that she’s wasting her time on him instead of being with something that treats her how she should be treated. Someone like him.

Elijah Blackburn: Lucas and Eli have always been friends. They first met on a first grade trip to the zoo. Lucas wanted to sit on the side of the wall to get a better view of the kangaroos. He fell in between the stone wall the the gates of the encloser. Elijah jumped over the wall and helped him up. They’ve been friends ever since.


Ryan Pena ~ 18 ~ FC: Taylor Caniff ~ Closed

Ryan is the male version of a diva. He’s rude. He’s sarcastic. People usually stay out of his way because they know he’s probably in a shitty mood. Although, if Ryan does consider you a friend, he’ll be like your best friend. He’ll suddenly turn into this sweet and funny guy, not the rude one that he shows everyone that he hates. 

+ Honest, straight-forward 

- Easily-annoyed, unfriendly 

McKayla Pena: Ryan is close with his younger sister, closer to her than he is to Deja. He loves hanging out with her and she is one of the few people who see the sweet side of Ryan. 

Deja Pena: Ryan isn’t close to Deja at all. Her “I’m so perfect” attitude doesn’t sit well with Ryan and he gets annoyed of her very easily. 

Xander Bieber & (Jax, Jason, Michael and Grayson): Those are the main guys that he always hangs out with. Although his cocky attitude annoys them at times, they’re all close friends who live goofing around when they’re around each other.


Tyler Pinnock s 18  years old, and looks alot like Nate Maloley,  unfortunately, for you he is CLOSED

Tyler’s an asshole and isn’t afraid to admit it. If he finds you attractive he will get in your pants and then never call you back. The way Tyler see’s it, is being the simplest way not to get hurt. He has a fear of being tied down but he will do it if the right girl comes along.

+Fun, Outgoing

-Flirtatious, Manwhore

Francesca Kardashian: Tyler met Francesca at a party one night and they hit it off, One thing led to another, and they hooked up. A month later Francesca called him and told him she was pregnant. They both agreed to terminate the pregnancy but he couldn’t help to fall in love with her.

Jason Horan: Jason is Tyler’s bestfriend he tells him everything.

Leigh-Anne Pinnock: Tyler’s very close to his mom, he’s a big momma’s boy.


Lucas (Luke) Oller ~ 17 ~ FC: George Shelley

Luke grew up with his mom and his twin. His dad was extremely abusive and was put into jail when he was seven. Two years later, his dad came back, claiming that he was wrong and that he would be better. Was he? Of corse not. This continued for a few years, the abuse, the hatred towards the three of them. One day, Luke’s mom, sister and dad decided to go out, leaving luke at home. He stayed up all night but they never came home. The police came to his house the next morning, telling him that his parents and his sister had passed away. 
Luke was then put into foster care. He was in and out of houses, ensuring more and more abuse. Before he got word of a new school called Pacific Coast Academy. He convinced his social worker to let him go there instead of a new home. Luke went there for one and a half years before he was told a family wanted to adopt him. The Ollers. He’d been there for about a year now and was just starting to get comfortable. He likes it here and he hopes to stay. 

+ Funny, cute
- Quiet, depressed 

Rena Deyes : He’s known Rena for a really long time. They had met in England when he was younger. She was originally his sisters friends, but Luke and Rena hit it off. They dated a little, before she moved back to the states.

Tony Oller : Luke dosent have total trust in his adoptive father but he is slowly starting to gain more. 


Tucker Howell-Lester is 18 years old and looks a lot like Brendan Dooling. unfortunately, he is CLOSED.

As a senior this was supposed to be the best year of Tucker’s life. He was finally getting out of high school. He could finally move on with his life. There’s a problem with his plans though. Although a very intelligent kid Tucker is failing a majority of his classes. He refuses to tell his parents that he’s failing in his senior year. Along with failing his classes Tucker is being bullied in school, not for having two dads but for being gay.

+Funny, intelligent

-Shy, bullied

Andrew Redmayne-Tviet: Andrew was two grades ahead of Tucker. They even had a few classes together Tucker’s sophomore year. There’s something about the older boy that Tucker can’t get out of his head and it’s driving him crazy.

Orion Howell-Lester: Orion and Tucker were close once. When they were little. It seems like lifetimes ago, but Tucker remembers it. He wishes they could be close again.

Dan Howell-Lester: Out of his two dad’s Tucker has the better relationship with Dan. He was the first one he came out to, and of course it was no big deal to him. He feels like his dad will support him no matter what, he just can’t stand the idea of letting him down.

 Amelia Lautner: Mia is Tucker’s best friend. She was the first non-family member he came out too. They have a brother-sister type relationship. Sometimes Tucker thinks he’s closer to Mia than his own sisters.


Corbin Overstreet is 17 years old and looks a lot like James Mcvey. Fortunately, he is OPEN.

Corbin has been playing guitar since he was little. Being the only boy it was one of the first things him and his dad really connected over. Eventually it just became something he did. Music was once just something he did with his dad, suddenly it was his life.

+Dedicated, talented

-Shy, awkward

Kian Jonas: Corbin was the one to suggest starting a band. Kian was one of the first people he asked to join.

Beckett Somerhalder: Beckett is one of Corbin’s best friends. When him and Kian started their band Corbin knew they had to ask Beckett to be in it.

Violet Mitchell-Rivera: Corbin is very close to his sister. He would do anything for her. He can be over protective at times but has her best interests at heart.