I just wanted to film me throwing my monoeye at Pit, but i threw it too hard. Also i’m deeply sorry for swearing so much, but i can’t help but do it when i’m alone and nobody can hear it.

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13, haruka and michiru aka just talk to me about harumichi babies doc

These two beautiful idiots and BABIIIIEEEEESSSS and The Au of Mystery and Shadow, since that’s the one where I let them live and have babies and be happy

Behind a cut because it’s long

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“it’s okay for kids to hit and tease each other, that’s how they show affection” gee I don’t know I mean maybe there’s something wrong with me but I never slapped the shit out of every toddler I wanted to be friends with when I was growing up

  • Emma:Hey Lily, what's up?
  • Lily:I totally barbequed your mom
  • Emma:...
  • Lily:Just kidding... I only hit her with my tail and gave her a head wound
  • Emma:...!
  • Lily:Truth is I almost barbequed your dad when he tried to save her

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do u believe there is a functional difference between child abuse and physical discipline?

stop hitting kids u freaks

one thing i really liked about shirt club though is how mayor dewey wasn’t portrayed as being disappointed or disapproving of his son, but instead wanted to reach out to his son and connect with him

steven universe once again kicks the metaphorical ass of common stereotypes and clichés in children’s media

also, that scene where steven shoots t-shirts at mayor dewey and everyone else in beach city like an assassin was frickin’ comedy gold

  • anti-ending fan:i can't believe naruto hit his kid! and boruto is so lonely! this is so sad.
  • pro-ending fan:boruto still has his mom and sister :) he's not lonely :) you're just angry your ship isn't canon :)
  • anti-ending fan:sarada misses her dad? he's not even home? that's not happy at all.
  • pro-ending fan:no he's just on a temporary mission :) like all other shinobi :) you're just angry your ship isn't canon :)
  • anti-ending fan:wtf why does sarada look like karin
  • pro-ending fan:haha! antis making completely random connections! you're just angry sasukarin isn't canon :)
  • anti-ending fan:why did sakura regress into being timid. why didn't kishi show us her career. why did he sabotage her character
  • pro-ending fan:oh honey you can't assume any of that :) she's just as confident as ever :) you're just angry your ship isn't canon :)
  • anti-ending fan:fuck kishi for giving us this shitty ending
  • pro-ending fan:you are in no position to criticize Almighty Kishi!! you must unquestioningly worship Him or else you're not a real fan!!
  • *naruto gaiden chapter 1*
  • pro-ending fan:FUCK KISHIMOTO
  • anti-ending fan:how is any of this a surprise? you were literally just too happy about your ships being canon to notice
  • Me:*says rude things in the hope someone will get in a fight with me*
  • Person:*gets in a fight with me*
  • Me:I immediately regret this decision, please make it stop!

Spontanbesuch im MANUS, dem Kidshaus der Manuel Neuer Kids Foundation in Gelsenkirchen. Es sollte eine Überraschung sein und die ist gelungen. Hab’ mich dann am Gesangsprojekt “Hits for Kids” beteiligt. Ist bisserl weniger gelungen… smile emoticon Aber Spaß gemacht hat es mir. Den Kids hoffentlich auch.

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In Radiocative's game, what would happen if she hit some kid in the face with nuclear waste or whatever? Because honestly, I can't handle children screaming in pain.

I think in this game there won’t be children lol it’ll be like Saints Row, yknow? All adults on streets

everyone on tumblr fucking loves pietro