The Signs First Day at Hogwarts
  • Aries:spends their free time trying to befriend the Whomping Willow but ends up in the infirmary for hours and becomes engaged in an ongoing battle with the tree for the rest of the year
  • Taurus:is already making plans to sneak into hogsmeade so they can look at all the shops and buy tons of cool knick knacks and candies to share with their friends
  • Gemini:seems very quiet and observant but is actually making a list of all the hottest students in their classes
  • Cancer:has already finished all their homework for the next two weeks and spends the day in the greenhouses talking to the plants
  • Leo:does some serious networking to make sure they start out as the most popular first year in their house
  • Virgo:makes 15 trips to the library to look at all the old books and ends up bringing a trunk full of books back to the dormitory 
  • Libra:spends all their free time looking into the unlocked rooms in the castle and creates an elaborate map of possible hide-outs
  • Scorpio:has already begun plotting how they're going to get into the Dark Forest after nightfall without getting caught
  • Sagittarius:spends the day thinking of ways to mess with their professors and writes the ideas down in a notebook charmed to keep adults out
  • Capricorn:sits by the lake for half an hour trying to convince the merpeople to come up and talk to them
  • Aquarius:spends all their breaks exploring the dungeons and talking to all the creepy paintings
  • Pisces:is late to every single class because they keep getting caught on the changing staircases