Fundraiser For Tamir Rice’s Family

As you are aware of, 12-year-old Tamir Rice was extrajudicially executed by the police in Cleveland, Ohio on November 22, 2014. His family is suffering as they remain without complete answers. His mother, Samaria Rice, is now in a homeless shelter and really needs help, as the pain of living so closely to where her son was executed is unbearable.

@FeministaJones has spoken with the family’s representative to verify a fundraising source to help. On her blog she noted:

I spoke with Adner Marcelin, Communications Manager & Law Clerk at Parks & Crump, LLC, who is representing the family in this manner. He confirmed that they are accepting donations. Anyone wishing to send cards, letters of encouragement or contributions in the form of a check (made out to ESTATE OF TAMIR RICE) may do so by mail at: 

The Estate of Tamir Rice 
c/o Parks & Crump 
LLC 240 N. Magnolia Drive 
Tallahassee, FL 32301

While checks and money orders are preferred because the mother gets ALL of the money, if you can only contribute online, there is a VERIFIED fundraising account:

(I understand how most of us feel about GoFundMe as a company; however this is where the fund was set up, outside of our choice.)

Please support (DONATE or SIGNAL BOOST via reblog/tweet/Facebook) this family as they still have to get through daily life even in pursuit of what ultimately will never make up for the loss of their child and will be non-existent or questionable justice at best. Keep them in your positive thoughts.❤

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Most parents teach their kids to not speak with strangers. But what if he has a cute puppy with him? This social experiment was created to raise awareness of child abduction. It was posted yesterday, and has gone viral with over 500,000 views on YouTube. Wow.