Jess and me tabling at AOD!

I want to thank everyone who visited our table and bought something or complimented our work. You all made my weekend at AOD fantastic. I met a lot of wonderful artists in these two days and I’d love to elaborate but now I’m just going to watch some Doctor Who and go to bed.

If you’re a new follower from AOD or those hugs-for-all valentines, welcome and don’t be afraid to drop me a note to say hi! 

If you want to become “aidoru”, you should practice making “hengao" and upload it on YT. Hengao means funy face. Like the ones xslushpuppi3x and haristarchan were doing on their recent videos. 

Make sure your face will retain cuteness. 

Also practice making “sulky but cute” faces, and such variations.

喜怒哀楽(きどあいらく):joy, anger, sadness and happiness. Try expressing these different emotions with your face, retaining cuteness.

If one is looking to get commissioned art, avoid Kidoairaku

My last attempt to purchase anything resulted in three months of waiting, zero unprompted contact, and zero adherence to their word when prompted. They started a long-term personal project without informing me. I will not go into personal details, but suffice to say she was extraordinarily unprofessional. Take your money elsewhere.

kidoairaku replied to your post: AOD(Animation on Display) is right around the…

hey panic! will see you at AoD then I suppose! Unfortunately no new Gintama art on my part Q_Q No time to draw new stuff that isnt related to my RP group these days haha, though I WILL be tabling! Come say Hi!

Awesome! Cant wait to see you and chat with you again, if you see me first make sure to get my attention! Aw, I was actually hoping to buy some more Gintama related art from you. I have the things I bought from you hanging on my wall :]