Still tripping on the great turn out at my latest joint exhibition opening LA-NY with Jack Shelton. Finally had time to upload a few pics on the night. 

Special thanks must go to No-vancancy gallery, Photo-book Melbourne Festival,  Blue Prints, Thirds Printing, kopparberg cider, Alhambra beers and everyone who gave us a shout and supported us for the event. 

Our first limited editions of the book is officially sold out, stay tuned here for a potential second run. 


3/10/14     Admiralty  

Around 3 a.m this morning in Admiralty, some of the restless protesters had remained at the main protest sites for over 5 days without going home. Showering at the nearest public baths and resting on the concrete road under the bridge overnight. As CY Leung the Chief Executive of Hong Kong strongly stated he will not resign just before mid-night. The number of protester have swell again, blocking more entrances to the government complex, delaying food and water supply to be sent into the office. 


  1/10/14   TST, Mon Kok and Admiralty. 

On national day in Hong Kong, pro-democracy protesters have now spread to Canton Road in Tsim Sha Tsui. Where most shops for luxury brands are located. While the number of protesters are increasing in other locations such as Admiralty and Causeway Bay on a public holiday. More roads and tunnel remained closed for vehicles. Numerous cleaning truck offers free service to clear garbages left on the side of the road outside Admiralty station, as one of the volunteers ensure I must give them credits. 

three years ago i decided to study photography at RMIT and this blog happened, in order to keep track of my practice.

I am about to walk out of this place, with this one project tomorrow.

efffw, 1095 cups of strong latte went just like that. 

I want to give a big shoutout to my boi JAYHAM 88 from Hillvale, sitting down with me countless hours to piece this book together. Watch out for the local finest developer & book designer!  Jason Hamilton. 

The first run of the book will be available to view late november during my grad show.

possibly a show next year somewhere. 

Wish me luck!