i tried to tell him one day i was like, “fury, they’re not your friends, they talk shit about you. they’re MY friends.” and he was like, “well, they talk shit about you too.” and i was like.
“fine, they’re your friends too then, but they don’t like us.”
—  kid8

A few moments, the show will start, this is gonna be fukin epic!!! #edm #edmmaniac #edmpuertorico #edmrevolution #electronikmovespuertorico #iwantedm #radiolimbell #radiofuckinglimbell #kid8 #puertorico #party #hot102 #mynameispagan #summerfest #dj #djs #gasolinadrinkpr #caborojo

once on new years i ‘whited in’ making out with a fat chick after going to a party with kid8. i guess there was a gay guy with her that i didnt remember when i first came to. i didnt think she was fat that night because i was so drunk. we walked home from where i “met” her and kept making out. i think kid8 was making out with the gay guy at that point too. as soon as we get back to my place i take her into my room and i ask “are we going to fuck” and she says like “no” but then blows me for a second so i dont say anything. Later because i get all alcoholdick i just finger her a bunch and she moans etc. the next day hungover as shit we are all sitting there, kid8 is playing his hungover miserable songs and whatever and i start messing around with the chick even though i realized she was gross because hey what the fuck. she then pulls my dick out and proceeds to give me a handjob while on the other couch kid8 is making out/reaching 3rd base (i dont know what base gay shit is) with the guy. she gives me like 2 more. that is my fingering story.
—  fury
  • kid8:Sparty how come you didn't help me when i needed it?
  • Spartacus:i messaged you back offering to help and you never responded
  • kid8:Mother fucker, you're right. Sorry about that. I had no defense anyway.
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@sayshino @imakemadbeats & myself brainstorming sound design & premise for a new project. I’m stoked to say the least. #kid8E #DMG #DirtySocksStudios

spent the night in jail last night. :/

it was my friends pink party last night and i got kicked out of the club for apparently groping the tranny performers onstage. all i remember is getting in a cab and telling the guy to drive. “just drive, and step on it!” and then he didn’t and the cops pulled me out and took me to jail.

—  kid8
i came out to my nephews on saturday.
  • kid8:i opened with "did you guys ever wonder why i never have a girlfriend?" and they said "uh, cause you don't have a job."
when i had a 24hr fitness membership i would show up there drunk and just take long ass showers waiting for guys to show up so i can check them out. that’s pretty creepy. i also used to have this really hot neighbor and him and his girlfriend would always have loud sex so i was always jacking it and finishing really quickly just by hearing them. that’s pretty creepy too.
—  kid8