On This Day in the Phandom: 5 years ago!

It was the end of an era as Phil packs his things and says goodbye to York University, and moves back to his childhood home in Rossendale after completing his third and final year!

After graduating in January 2010, Phil received a Master of Arts (in Video Postproduction, which is why his videos have always looked so damn good), a Postgraduate in York’s Department of Theatre, Film and Television, and a Degree in English Language and Linguistics! (Thanks Wikipedia, I will never remember them off by heart)



The secret is out. For decades, your organization stayed in the shadows, hiding the truth, but now we know - they’re among us. Heroes - and monsters. The world is full of wonders. We can’t explain everything we see. But our eyes are open. So what now? There are no more shadows for you to hide in. Something impossible just happened. What are you going to do about it?

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