Artwork for my Kickstarter adventure game, “Johnny Rocketfingers 3.” Made in the vein of old Lucasarts games such as “Monkey Island” and “Day of the Tentacle,” except extremely hardcore and full of super intense action and danger. Please check it out and maybe even thrown down a pledge if you like what you see.


Rickshaw Reflective Bags

San Francisco-based Rickshaw Bagworks is introducing their REFLECTIVE Performance Tweed collection to Kickstarter. Developed from a fabric woven from reflective yarn, the material is a great safety measure and locator for bikers, joggers, or commuters needing to find their equipment in low-light environments. Backers can choose from either striped or solid reflective versions of each bag in the collection, from a utility pouch to their flagship backpack and messenger bag.

PRE-ORDER ($179)


Just a quick preview of what I’ve been working on - also the reason why I haven’t posted art in like, a month. Because I’ve been putting together Genomancer book (previously known as “Mondigan” and “Wrath and Pardon”) that collects all my art and writing together from the past five years.  Reading it doesn’t make total sense since it’s all out of order, but it’s still pretty monumental for me!

Will be on Kickstarter later this week after I get quotes from my printer! *o*

ICYMI, we reached our kickstarter goal last night!! HELLLLL YEAH!

Thank you so much to everyone who donated, reblogged, and spread the word! For the last 8 hours our kickstarter is live today, anything we make over our goal will go toward paying writers & printing MORE COPIES of #4! And guess what? If we make 12% over EVERYONE GETS A BUTTON. Stretch goals ftw! 


Pretty Princess Wants to Play!

It doesn’t just have to be good vs evil, how about a little plain old mischief?

We’re aiming to complete our family of photogenic manipulators by bringing the Pretty Princess to life as a plush doll. However with a project this large and expensive, we need your help once more.

So, it’s time for another Kickstarter.

As usual we have lots of unique and amazing rewards for your contribution, but this time around we have a ton of addons so you can craft your own custom reward. We had a lot of demand for this last time, and we finally figured out a way to do it cleanly.

Please pitch in what you can, or share the campaign with your friends. We really want this doll, and we want you all to have one as well.

If you guys manage to help us fund the Pretty Princess, depending on how things go, there might be other surprises in store.

Thank you all so much!


Update #11 about the sweetest woman ever, warminvention.  

Thank you everyone who backed and got us past halfway! Of course, that only means we have to mobilize the same amount of backing by Sunday, or the pledges don’t go through and I can’t make the paintings, prints, or calendar, or will have to relaunch. I really don’t want to do this promotional cycle again; I just want to focus on making the work, without the day job distractions that have made this Kickstarter so exhausting. Double your pledge! Connect me to anyone who can buy an original painting. Consider buying a painting yourself, or more prints. Write about it. Keep sharing. This can happen!

We were the Kickstarter of the Week at Women Write About Comics - Thank you, Brenda!

I wrote an op-ed about the historical context of trans women models that I’m very proud of - submitted to the Advocate, but should you have another outlet, let me know. I’ll probably just post it here in a day or two regardless.

Now I want to introduce you to this incredibly warm, wonderful mother and friend whose struggles I’ve witnessed for the past few years and who needs to come to New York and sit for a portrait. I’ll be updating with 3-4 more models for the next week - over the supposed series length, but I really want to paint all of them!


 Jaye is much better now she’s back on girl tablets. She’s a compact and bijou, hackney in the east end of London based picture maker, filmmaker, mother, daughter, sister, music maker, music lover and player of records, teacher, collector of other peoples’ debris and much more. Jaye dreamt of all these things and made them a reality. She started to move towards being a girl in her teens, but through missteps, bad map reading and other dalliances woke up at 21 a boy again. She spent the next 21 years trying to find her path again. While she was lost, she met a soul mate and helped make two beautifully fierce daughters. As a school teacher she helped guide feral under 11’s through difficult paths, and as children see gender and most things differently to jaded adults, they in return helped her relocate her direction. She is currently making non narrative films and music whilst helping her daughters find those elemental truths we all seek. She likes vintage shoes, modern electronics, dangerous glamour, chillis, the smell of paint, fire and tea.


A film about a middle aged couple in Texas. An honest look at two people still in love with each other after forty years of marriage.

Hello! I am doing some crowd funding for my next film. It’ll be my first really big undertaking. I would appreciate it if anyone took the time to look over my Kickstarter page and consider donating or sharing the page for other people to consider. I’m super passionate about this project and really want to be able to make it. Thank you so much.

Last night I had an opportunity to shoot a film that isn’t quite yet available for purchase. It is Cinestill in 120mm. Cinestill is a tungsten balanced color film currently available in 35mm. Click HERE to check out the kickstarter to make Cinestill available for medium format! 

The Sticker Book for Software Designers


Image via Kickstarter

Software designers rejoice. There’s now a sticker book in your future. A what? Yes, a sticker book. The Sticker UI Book is a sketchbook for UI and software concepts, but it comes with storyboard templates and stickers that represent common UI elements.

Both newbies and experts will find this sketchbook helpful, as well as its accompanying digital version that makes wireframes faster and more consistent. All is optimized for web, mobile, and tablet platforms. Pledge $25 on Kickstarter and you’ll get a sticker book – plus a free digital UI kit. 

Smarter Upstarter

A series of full-length oil portraits of trans women

I have been waiting literally all day for someone to back this past the halfway point for the surprise gift.

My reblog givaway only got 9 reblogs so I am only drawing one of you because that is sad and dumb and I’m not at all bitter. @positronicwoman you are the winner, drawing coming up.

In the meantime back already, it’s the last week.

Secret Weapon Miniatures: Tablescapes - A review by Borris

Today has been a bit of a disappointment.

After well over a year of waiting my tablescape tiles finally arrived. Having the day off sick i stopped by the post office to pick them up thinking it’d be a nice cheer me up.  

Got home with a giant package and unwrapped it to find the tablescape box inside. I was very excited finally my rolling fields board for warmahordes, bolt action and infinity. I have some many plans for this bad boy.

Took a moment to appreciate the box which held up design for something like 5 months. Its meant to be a transport for it even after you get the tiles painted up.  Looked pretty solid and schmick so i guess it could be worth the wait (I continually forgot it existed until the rare communications from the KS team). 

Opened it up and was shocked at the tiles. So much thinner and lighter than I had thought. Took a look through a could more and started getting really annoyed. They don’t feel like a high quality product. They feel cheap and flimsy, completely against what i had expected after the kickstarter updates. I wasn’t keen to try but it feels like any pressure like saying leaning over the board could cause them to break. I haven’t ever used products from wargames factory who produce the tiles. But I have heard those flimsy style plastic is common for their items. 

The detail is good it would be better with a coat of paint and miracle dip. i am very annoyed that the tile clips are stop the board sliding apart were not included. In fact there is nothing to keep the board stable. 

Clips are supplied and my overall mark adjusted.

Taking out the Kickstarter I’d say this product is a 8/10

If you backed it then it feels more like 7/10. The details and options are should account for most types of games. 

Edit: The carry box is useless and already falling apart while transporting from kitchen to the games room upstairs. the part with the handle bends up worryingly and the tiles are punching holes in the box.