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I’ve been getting a lot of questions about the Open Beta Access tiers. When you pledge either $15 or $20, it means you get first access to the game as well as all the updates for as long as they keep happening. Gold release means the game in it’s entirety as it was intended with all the features. So you don’t pay for the game again. The same is true if you get the tier with 2 accounts. I hope that clears that up. :)

Thank you so very very much you really helped us get this far but it’s not over yet!

Pumpkin-Online is a Harvest-Moon / Animal Crossing inspired mmo currently in development by indie game company, Pumpkin Interactive, we need a lot of support to make this happen so please follow, and spread the word about us

This absurd Kickstarter may be the answer to cellphone addiction

Under the name NoPhone, a group of inventors based in New York City are developing what they’re calling a “a surrogate to any smart mobile device, enabling you to always have a rectangle of smooth, cold plastic to clutch without forgoing any potential engagement with your direct environment.” In other words, it’s a black, plastic, rectangular brick about the size of an average smartphone. The only difference? It doesn’t actually do anything. 

Hear us out 

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The Girls on Casting in Hollywood

This video is a hard one to watch. I think it pretty much outlines why representation is so important as well as our struggles as aspiring actresses in Los Angeles.

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The Fool - Stella - Played by Carina Perez

I was commissioned to work on 5 cards for the awesome new webseries MisSpelled. They are launching a kickstarter which can be found here: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1320123977/misspelled-a-fantastical-witchy-web-series.

The talented cast and enchanting story make this Webseries a must watch! I will be posting the cards I have been working on this week. Please support this amazing project, depending on your donation you can receive one of the cards that feature one of the characters from the show. Support indie and POC in film.


Thanks to you taking the article I posted a few weeks ago and making it go viral, Pumpkin Online has reached its funding goal of $30,000 with two days to spare! 

This means we’re going to get the hugely diverse game that we all want! There will be a body weight slider, options for disabled characters, genders and sexualities of all stripes! You can play the character YOU want to play!

Great job, everyone! Pat yourselves on the back, and please spread the word!


I need your support to paint a series of a dozen or more full length oil portraits of trans women. Depictions will be driven by the model’s personality and free from the more common cultural tropes surrounding trans ladies. I need money to pay the models for posing, for my own time and materials, and for travel costs. Hopefully even for studio rental and maybe even for an exhibition. The project launches Sunday, September 21. I’m making wall calendars, high quality prints, and selling the paintings. Contact janet@bruesselbach.com to get involved, ask about the paintings, and so on. Abuse will be ignored, education will be terse. The project itself is still in the early stages, because I want to make sure there’s enough interest and support to work on it, but I’ll be confirming and promoting models throughout the fundraising stage. Help me make the goal good and early so I can worry about the important parts. Thank you!


Heya, folks. Not much to report this week for Costume Fairy Adventures writing-wise; the final section of the GM’s chapter has been turned in and handed off to our editor, and the Plugins chapter is down to final odds and ends of writing. Here’s where the current percentages are at:

Core Rulebook

Written: 96%
Edited: 90%
Laid Out: 80%
Illustrated: 51%

Core Costume Deck

Written: 75%
Laid Out: 67%
Illustrated: 100%

We’ve also got a few more preview spreads from the GM’s chapter to show off - as always, click for high res! Next week, we’re planning on changing things up a bit and providing a sneak peek at how the Core Costume Deck is shaping up, featuring a few Costumes whose stats haven’t appeared in any preview to date… possibly including the oft-requested Squid Hat!

Until then, folks.

Illustration Credits

Watch on an-andreja-pejic-blog.tumblr.com

By Blaine Zuckerman

It’s one of the final steps in her transition – from androgynous male model Andrej to the woman she has always wanted to be, Andreja.

In an clip exclusive to PEOPLE from Andrej(a) – The Documentary, Andreja Pejic is in her hospital bed, still recovering from sex reassignment surgery. Chatting on her cell phone, she tells a friend that she has been “optioned” – the fashion term for being put on hold – for a Donna Karan fashion show.

"I might [still] have a catheter," Pejic says. But having walked runways for Marc Jacobs and Jean-Paul Gaultier, the 23-year-old knows that when fashion calls, she’d better answer. Ever the optimist, Pejic says of her possible medical accessory, "That could be a look."

The film, which depicts Pejic’s physical, emotional and professional journey from man to woman, is directed by Eric Miclette and partially funded by a Kickstarter campaign which has raised more than $24,000 so far. Actor Jared Leto has also shown support for the film.

"I wanted to show the whole experience," explains Pejic, who says she not only hopes to demystify the trans process but also help "young kids out there who are going through similar struggles."

That’s why she gave filmmaker Miclette full access, allowing him to document nearly every aspect of her journey. “I was there the whole time,” says Miclette, who adds that there were moments when he struggled with not setting down his camera to comfort Pejic.

The film, which Miclette started as a passion project more than a year ago, shows some of those sad moments, but plenty of uplifting ones as well. Viewers eventually learn that Pejic did end up walking in the DKNY show, but she hasn’t yet had her first official post-op photo shoot.

"I still haven’t been shot as a woman," Pejic told PEOPLE exclusively. "With fashion, it’s all about timing and holding out for the right thing."

In the meantime, she’s busy going to castings and having meetings. When asked about her personal life and dating, she hesitates. “That’s the thing,” she says. “I haven’t really had the time.”

But the model has made time for her family since the surgery. In the past few months, she’s traveled to Europe to catch up with her mother and see her grandmother. “We had lots to talk about,” says Pejic of reuniting with her mom. “We had mother-daughter conversations for the first time. It was lovely.”

—From People.com


EVERYONE :D This is something I’m working on. We just launched on kickstarter and need your help!  If you’re interested in the project or my work, you can help us out by sharing/reblogging or making a pledge. 

[What is it?] We are creating an original homebrew NES game on an actual cartridge, accompanied by a documentary surrounding the development of the game as well as other game developers who use the 8bit aesthetic, including the makers of Shovel Knight, Retro City Rampage, and others.

Thanks for everyone’s support up to this point! <3

We’re so excited to announce that Kickstarter is now available to creators in DenmarkNorwaySweden and Ireland — four countries with amazing cultural histories and creative populations. From to LEGO to Röyksopp to The Seventh Seal to James Joyce, these countries have contributed some amazing stuff to our world. We can’t wait to see what’s next!

Starting now, people in Scandinavia and Ireland can start building their projects here. On October 21, those projects can be launched to the public. We’ll send an email that day letting everyone know when exactly they can click the launch button. For more info, head here

Cthulhu Letterpress-printed Christmas Cards with Foil Accent

I posted a link to this over the weekend, but in case you missed it, my friend Eric is making some pretty great letterpress Christmas cards using a Cthulhu illustration of mine. Cthulhu Christmas cards!!! Click the photo above to visit our Kickstarter page, or click here! We’re already funded, but you can donate if you want to receive some cards of your own to mail out at Christmas. You have until Oct. 26th to reserve cards. Yay!


It is a thing!

Comatose will be part of an original graphic novel crossover titled Saturday Wars, featuring some ten other webcomic titles (Apple Black, Mythallica: Lux Nova, Bully Eater, TTX, etc) and Traveler will help save the universe. Hell yeah!

The project is now being crowdfunded on Kickstarter for the next 30 days and will be the first webcomic crossover of this scale to be published! If you’d like to see this graphic novel take off, please support and help us out!


Hey friends! I’ve never done this before, but as a massive fan of the beautiful Andreja Pejic, I really want to help bring attention to this wonderful kickstarter because it could be very influential and help many people in the trans community. From the kickstarter:

Andrej(a) is a feature-length documentary tracing androgynous trans supermodel Andreja Pejic’s journey from the Serbian refugee camps of her childhood to the glamorous life of international fame and fashion she now leads. Her rise to popularity past is remarkable: her ability to successfully navigate two such disparate worlds while silently struggling with gender dysphoria is even more so. In the summer of 2014, Andreja came out as a trans woman, and her life will never be the same. She’s crossed into unprecedented territory, and as she learns to navigate her post-op life and career, we’ll be along for the ride

Now, Andreja has reached a major turning point. For the majority of her life, she has had to live in between the two genders. However her unique career, looks, and position between two fashion worlds could not mask her lifelong struggle with gender dysphoria. Behind closed doors, Andreja could no longer bear to pose, walk, or live as the person people expected her to be – an androgynous boy. 

When taken in social context, Andreja’s early decisions to hide are not surprising. In today’s world, the transgender community remains one of the most disadvantaged social minorities globally. Unemployment rates for trans men and women stand at twice the national average, as do poverty rates. Attempted suicide rates are one of the highest out of any other community. Furthermore, there is a deep social distrust that can make the simplest of tasks, even just going to the grocery store or seeing a movie, extremely challenging. Publicly claiming one’s truth as a transgender individual often means the loss of family, friends, careers, relationships, and, in far to many cases, lives. It is no wonder that being trans is rarely, if ever, associated with success. 

In the world of fashion, prospects are little better. The industry is no stranger to discrimination. Like everywhere else, transgender individuals are rarely treated with respect. Trans models lack the same opportunities as their cisgendered peers. The situation can be compared to the experience of African-American models, two decades ago.

Through Andreja’s life story,Andrej(a)will explore gender politics in-depth around the globe, and the beauty industry and its attitude towards diversity, will be a focal point. From a refugee camp in the Balkans to the world’s biggest runways, from boyhood to androgyny to womanhood, from hiding to the highest level of self-acceptance this documentary captures an individual whose biggest dream is to live an authentic, happy and normal life. To be accepted and respected as the person she has always known herself to be. It is a public struggle by a brave person for the most basic of human needs.

I cannot stress how amazing this project is. Not only will it help educate people more about the struggles trans people go through, and their incredible courage and bravery, but it will also hopefully help many young trans individuals become more comfortable in who they are, letting them know that they are perfect, that the gender they feel they are is the gender that they are, and there is nothing that cis people can do that they cannot.

The project goal is $200 000, there’s 24 days left, and they haven’t even raised $30 000 of their goal. Even if you can’t donate, please reblog this or help spread awareness, because it’s an incredible project and I would hate to see it not reach it’s goal.

Kickstarter: One Week Left!


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