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I can’t say it better than Rachel Fershleiser, so in the words of Rachel Fershleiser:

I whole-heartedly endorse helping out at any level you can. This is feminist publishing. This is under-appreciated voices getting new life. This is a community of people who believe that women’s stories and lived experience are paramount.

Hey, everyone! The MUCK DVD/Blu-Rays have been shipped to our Kickstarter backers (love you guys!). If you want a copy of Muck too you can buy it in Wal-Mart and Best Buy stores everywhere or be lazy and get it here: 😉😘 @getthemuckout #muck #getthemuckout #horror #film #thriller #kickstarter #thankyou #nopants #underoos #screamqueen #blonde #nmj #nicolemariejean

‘Coolest Clock’ hits Indiegogo.

A new Indiegogo campaign is helping to bring to market a projection clock that can be customized via smartphone apps. Users can select different faces, along with weather, Facebook updates, tweets, your family’s location on a map, photos, news, sports scores and more.

The campaign has already blown past it’s stretch goals, meaning 2 new colors and sound features will be added to the final product, scheduled to ship in late 2015.

Get yours or check out the campaign here. 

Someone paid at least $10,000 for this De La Soul platinum disc

As we posted yesterday, the hip-hop trio launched a Kickstarter campaign to crowdfund an album, and were looking for $110,000 by early May.

Well, after about 24 hours they’ve already exceeded their target, and raised more than $154,000 at the time of writing. It probably helped a fair bit that one person was willing to hand over at least $10,00 for a huge hamper of treats, including a signed 3 Feet High and Rising platinum disc, 10 VIP tickets to De La Soul gigs, signed vinyl and, of course, both digital and physical copies of this forthcoming album.

The campaign’s still going, if you’re feeling flush.

Featured Artist: Sage Coffey

Sage Coffey is a cartoonist, illustrator and animator who grew up in a small (radioactive) town in New Jersey called Sayreville. She’s currently wrapping up her BFA in Sequential Art at SCAD’s Atlanta campus, but somehow finds time to man the student-run Sequential Art Club. Coffey is the type of artist who, if you were to ask her what she’s working on, would rattle off a long list of projects.

She recently participated in the Adult Swim Master Pitch event, in which students formed their own teams to develop pitches for the popular network. Of the thirty teams involved, Coffey’s made it to the top-five. She and her teammates were able to pitch to Adult Swim representatives, including executive producer Mike Lazzo. She’s also published a story in the fifth installment of the highly-successful Dirty Diamond’s anthology. However, Coffey’s most proud of her editorial work on Punky Doodle Dandy, the first anthology she’s organized and edited. In her own words, the book is, “…the biggest personal project [she’s] seen to fruition.” The anthology includes sixty pages of comics in which artists explore what punk rock means to them. Coffey’s goal for the book “…was that people would be proud of the work they submitted and proud to say they were in it. Working with each artist to make sure their vision came to life was fun and really interested because each story and each artist was so different.”

Sage Coffey’s post-graduation goals are to work on a long-form comic that she may adapt to her own animated series. She’s currently working on minis for her latest comic YOUkulele, which is a story about a girl who lies about knowing how to play the ukulele in order to impress her crush. Coffey’s story has inspired her to learn to play the instrument. If you’re thinking that her interests are multifaceted, you’re right. She’s the kind of person who can teach herself how to do just about anything, and she won’t simply do well, she’ll excel at whatever she’s set out to do. When asked about her greatest aspiration, Sage had this to say, “Honestly, I just want to have fun doing comics and I want others to have fun reading them!”

You can support her work by following her on tumblr, Twitter, and Instagram. She sells books and prints online in her shop. She also wanted to give a huge shout-out to her cats Panic and Cannon for keeping her company during all-nighters and tolerating her off-key singing while at work.

Q & A

Liz: Describe your Zinetendo submission? Why did you choose the submission you did?
Sage: I did a 5-page comic based on Animal Crossing. A villager is missing one piece of apple themed furniture to complete the set and she wants a perfect score on her HRA (Happy Room Academy) inspection, so her and her eagle buddy Celia need to find an apple TV, and quick! I chose Animal Crossing because I adore the series. I had the first game for the Gamecube and immediately fell in love with the characters. Even Nook. The whole game was simple and cute and every day was a new adventure. That’s something that REALLY fascinated me about the series. My old town on the original Gamecube is still alive and- maybe not so well- but I can still visit it if I wanted to. I remember making a big fuss about collecting Gyroids and trying to play music with them in my house.  

Liz: What’s your favorite Nintendo game?
Sage: I’d say Yoshi’s Island. I played it a bunch as a kid of the Super Nintendo at my mom’s friend Jan’s house. I’d sit on her bed in her room while boring adults talked about boring adult things and she’d just leave me with the Super Nintendo and whatever game I wanted to play. She had all the Mario games but I kept picking Yoshi’s Island because it was so dang fun to play. I wasn’t very good at video games and honestly, I’m still not but by golly, I had so much fun playing that even baby Mario’s crying when I got hit didn’t bother me. Looking back at the game now still blows my mind because it is so pretty. The music is so nice. The colors are enough to make a girl swoon. I still love it.

Liz: Who’s your favorite Nintendo character?
Sage: Probably Wario or Boo. Wario is all farts and garlic and gags and I can get behind that. Boo because I always saw them as little nervous Nellys and that’s why they’d cover their face when people look at them. I also liked that they stuck their tongue out when you weren’t lookin’. If I can find an excuse to make a goofy face, I will- So, other than being dead and all, me and Boo have a good bit in common.

Liz: Do you have a favorite Nintendo system?
Sage: Gamecube, without a doubt. It was the first system I ever owned that my mom trusted me with. I got to keep it in my room and naturally, as a kid, I stayed up playing games all night like a hooligan.

Liz: What’s your most memorable Nintendo moment?
Sage: I used to work for conventions as a tournament coordinator and judge. Usually I’d judge Yu-Gi-Oh or Magic: The Gathering tournaments but like three AWAs (Anime Weekend Atlanta) ago I was briefly in charge of the Pokemon TCG area. I had a head judge re-teach me how to play the card game, a lot changed from the old GBA version I used to play in the 90’s, and he gave me some sample decks. Basically my job for that day was to teach people the basics on how to play and get them interested in the game. So, after playing a couple of games with the usual card game crowd, a parent and their son walk up to the booth. These parents had clearly never been to a convention and their kid was VERY into Pokemon. He couldn’t have been older than seven and he was decked out from head to toe in Pokemon paraphernalia. I was given three sample decks to give out and use against people wanting to learn to play, each one was based on a starter Pokemon. We both picked grass, so I knew the kid had good taste. While playing we both talked about our favorite Pokemon and our favorite games and characters in the show. Everything you could imagine related to Pokemon, we talked about. Then, when the game was over, his parents wanted to leave. He started packing up to go. He didn’t realize he was allowed to keep the deck he was playing with and I will never forget the look on that little boy’s face when I said he could take the cards home with him. He looked like am me like I was Santa or just revealed I was Iron Man or something. He was ecstatic!! It was just so, so sweet. I’ll never forget it.

Next week’s featured artist is Erin Gladstone. Be sure to check back every Tuesday between now and May 5th to learn more about the contributors!

Save the date: next Monday the Zinetendo Kickstarter will be up and running!

Written by Liz Enright


Brik Case is the World’s most customizable laptop case. Build, collaborate and express yourself!

The World’s Most Customizable Macbook Case

Some people like to spice up their laptops with stickers on the back. We couldn’t help thinking, though, that stickers are sticky. Plus, once they’re stuck, you’re stuck. So we designed a case that permits constant change, collaboration, and originality.

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Hi guys! We need your help in funding our newest project!
Caine is a short 14 minute drama, that is also our Final Major Project for our  last year at university. 

“Caine is looking to become the perfect gangster and in his eyes there are five steps to become one. Step One: Family. Two: Respect. Three: The Accent.  Four: The Suit and finally Step Five: The Money. Caine is almost there, all he needs now is to complete step five - however no story is ever that simple.”

Click here to go to the Kickstarter, and see more information on this project! 

Please help by either funding, even as little as you can, or spreading this message along! 

With only 10 days remaining in this exciting campaign, THIS is a movie that must get made. I’ll be playing “Creepy Old Guy” (no, it’s not a biopic on Doug Jones, hehe), with my amazingly innovative, practical make-up and body prosthetics all being created by longtime monster collaborator Hiroshi Katagiri (who is also writing and directing this chilling story) and applied by longtime friend and make-up Oscar nominee Mike Elizalde!! Watch the videos & updates, and consider pledging HERE —


Just 1 day away! My Kickstarter campaign with all my friends is going online! I thought this day would never come! This has been a crazy amount of work and I hope everyone is going to love it!! 


Heya, folks. Another week without much to report on the PDF and publication front for Costume Fairy Adventures - we’re still plugging away at internal work and waiting on shipments for the most part. Instead, we thought we’d take the opportunity to show off some of the new Core Rulebook illustrations we’ve received this week. You’ll find all of these in the Appendices section the next time we update the Core Rulebook PDF.

Illustration Credits

Greg Weisman (Star Wars Rebels, Young Justice, Gargoyles) adapts his YA paranormal novel RAIN OF THE GHOSTS into a full-cast AudioPlay.

Great news for those who are fans of the work of Greg Weisman as well as fans of the great voice talents behind many of the series he has worked on, including Young Justice, Gargoyles, Spectactular Spider-man, and many more. There’s a kickstarter currently running to do an audio-play adaptation of Mr. Weisman’s first novel, Rain of the Ghosts. The story, as quoted on the Kickstarter page:

These are the adventures of Rain Cacique, a young girl descended from the indigenous Taíno people of the Caribbean.  Rain lives on the Ghost Keys, a chain of islands on the edge of the Bermuda Triangle, where her parents own and run a Bed & Breakfast that is both Rain’s home and place of employment.  Over the course of the first book, Rain goes from making beds for tourists to learning she has the ability to communicate with ghosts.  Rain has a mystery to solve, a mission to accomplish and a destiny to fulfill.  I can honestly guarantee that if you enjoy the sensibility, characters, plotting and surprises I’ve brought to such series as Gargoyles and Young Justice, you’ll love Rain of the Ghosts.

If the plot wets your appetite, you will be thrilled to learn who will be included in the cast. Here’s casting, many whom you may recognize:

Brittany Uomoleale as Rain Cacique

Thom Adcox (Gargoyles, Young Justice, Felix the Cat);

Edward Asner (The Mary Tyler Moore Show, Gargoyles, Up);

Jeff Bennett (Gargoyles, Young Justice, Batman: The Brave and the Bold);

Steve Blum (The Spectacular Spider-Man, Star Wars Rebels)

Daniella Bobadilla (Anger Management, Smallville);

Jim Cummings (Gargoyles, Darkwing Duck, Winnie the Pooh);

Elisa Gabrielli (Gargoyles, The Spectacular Spider-Man, Madagascar);

Bryton James (Young Justice, The Young and the Restless);

Josh Keaton (The Spectacular Spider-Man, Green Lantern: The Animated Series);

Eric Lopez (The Spectacular Spider-Man, Young Justice);

Vanessa Marshall (Young Justice, Star Wars Rebels, Guardians of the Galaxy);

Jacqueline Obradors (NYPD Blue, Atlantis: The Lost Empire, Young Justice);

Gregg Rainwater (Gargoyles, Young Justice, The Young Riders);

Marina Sirtis (Star Trek: The Next Generation, Gargoyles, Young Justice);

Brent Spiner (Star Trek: The Next Generation, Gargoyles, Star Wars Rebels);

Deborah Strang (The Spectacular Spider-Man);

Joel Swetow (Charmed, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine);

Jacob Vargas (Sons of Anarchy, Max Steel);

Greg Weisman (The Spectacular Spider-Man, Young Justice)

Incentive rewards include audio downloads of the the play, digital extras such as maps, a limited edition six-CD box set of the audio play, outgoing voicemail messages or video shoutouts from a cast member of your choice, to dinner with Mr. Weisman and some of the cast.

So if you are interested, do check out the Kickstarter. It will run until April 29.