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Herald is a two-part interactive period drama for PC, Mac and Linux that plays as a mix between a visual novel and a 3D point and click adventure game. You are Devan Rensburg, a man of mixed heritage, assigned to work as a steward aboard the merchant ship HLV Herald.  

  • A branching narrative that changes depending on how you choose to play.
  • A gripping tale about finding your identity in a world divided by race, class and religion.  
  • A beautiful hand-painted art style mixing 2D animated portraits with 3D environments.  
  • A world inspired by historical events that takes place in the final days of the Age of Sail.
  • A 19th century trading ship full of secrets and mysteries to uncover while you explore.
  • An interactive period drama with a heavy emphasis on character development.
  • A story within a story that switches between Devan’s present and his past.

Share this post and spread the word to help us make the game a reality. We’ll also be doing an exclusive tumblr giveaway of the game, more about that later!

Help Playsanctuary get their last $90!

Playsanctuary is addressing the lack of black and ethnic face sets in the RPG Maker RTP library and is releasing a free face set pack and is in the home stretch to getting what the need funded!  Additional funding will allow backers to participate in a poll to choose what stretch goal they want at certain levels of additional funding raised including categories such as villagers, visual novel, fantasy world, and battlers. Even if you can’t donate a signal boost would be great to help spread the word and have these new assets be funded. 

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anonymous asked:

okay i know youre not going to magically finish a video game in a day, probably not even a year, especially one that sounds this great. so what i'd like to know is, assuming u get overfunded on the kickstarter, when will the video game probably be done

Well, as I said in an earlier post, we are planning around a worse-case scenario development timeline. We’re planning to raise enough to be in production for at least two years, plus at least another year on our personal savings and private funding. And this is not because we expect it take three years, but because if everything goes wrong all the time, we don’t want to be one of those projects that runs out of money and never finishes.

My hope is that we can have the first beta chapter (plus some of the freeplay/multiplayer) to you in a 12 month window, with each of the remaining 4 chapters following within a few months, but don’t hold me too that. Until we finalize the art director, any speculation on completion date is really shooting in the dark. The first chapter will take the longest, since we have to complete most of the in-game models, finish the combat engine, polish the dress physics, record the entire script (so that all the voices match), and decide which direction the soundtrack is going (and put it into the game). The rest of the chapters will mostly be level-building after that, as well as polishing and expanding the freeplay.

We’re also working with fairly small team, which limits how fast we can get things done. If we overfund, we’ll hire more people and be able to work faster.


The project Galaxy’s True Color began as an idea for a story. No clear lines, just a bunch of ideas. Those ideas were put to words and stories were written, however it never felt like enough. That is why I decided to choose a more interactive and visually appealing way of story-telling.

It is the year 2368 and the human race has now colonized over dozen of more or less habitable planets. You may choose to play as one of six characters, all who have certain past that may affect the way your are viewed throughout the story.

The cast of characters is quite diverse, including people of different races (yes, aliens too), ethincs, sexualities, classes, body shapes etc. Your decisions have impact on the world, small or big and as the story progresses you and your team (NPCs) will encounter some tough decisions. Galaxy’s True Color is not limited to merely following the main storyline - you may choose to pursue romantic relationships, some that may even aid you in your cause, find new gear and weapons, learn about different combat styles, become part of organizations, explore!

This all is but a small sliver of the idea - however, it is just that, an idea. To make this happen, we need more writers, artists, designers, coders and programmers that would put this game together for you.

Every help is appreciated, please help us make this happen!

Donations: HERE or through my blog which has the donation button at the top

Top backers of Invisible Apartment 2: Reasons get a lot! :-o - 3 DVDs with all parts of the series as of 2015! ^_^ plus a signed poster from the artist, custom illustration, USB key, OST CD and all the assets digitally!

Please support us in bringing you a continuation of the story! - we’re here on Kickstarter


The Tow is now at the final hurdle in terms of pledging, so if you haven’t pledged and want to you only have 17 hours left. There are still plenty of prizes left and please don’t think you have to pledge for a big reward. Anything as much $1 will help towards Ian making his dream become a reality. 

The total (so far) is already well over $26,000 which is phenomenal perhaps we can get Ian to $27,000 before time’s up. So lets make this last 17 hours or so count and push the total up a little bit further.


William Shatner Is Raising Money To Solve The California Drought With A Pipeline (VIDEO)

William Shatner Is Raising Money To Solve The California Drought With A Pipeline (VIDEO)

While William Shatner might be best known for his former role as the Captain of the Star Ship Enterprise, his social conscience looms far beyond the sci-fi realm.

As a Californian and as someone who eats, the 84-year-old (no, I can’t believe that either) Shatner wants to do something about the devastating drought by building a pipeline between Seattle and California – at the cost of $30 billion –…

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Cyberpunk visual novel. Sequel to Invisible Apartment 1, part of a series of the same name.

We are proud to announce that the Kickstarter campaign for Invisible Apartment 2: Reasons is now live! :)

Invisible Apartment 2: Reasons features more characters, choices, more complex timelines and overall gives you a longer gameplay.

Please support us if you’d like the story to continue! :) Thanks!


Shoot on, Starlord. Kickstarter Now LIVE!

This life-size Starlord Cake has over 50 fondant pieces in the helmet alone, 15 in his jacket in individual patterning, and took over 4 days to complete! He’s sculpted from our Character Death by Chocolate cake topped with Mint Condition buttercream- delicious!

Support the Nerdache Cakes’ Bakery Kickstarter so I can make more cakes you’ll love, in a Bakery/cafe you’ve always wanted! And get some pretty sweet backer rewards when you do.


Hey guys. Here’s one of the tracks that would be on my album if my kickstarter got funded. 

If you like what you hear, please consider donating.

My Kickstarter

Hi, folks.  Early this morning, Eric and I woke up to find that our Kickstarter had jumped from around $1,500 pledged to over $10,000 overnight.  While that may look like great news, 90% of this funding is coming from a single account, who pledged $9,000.  This is from a new account who has not so far successfully backed/given money to any other projects, and their history of backing does not in the least show that this could possibly be a real and generous miracle pledge.

This is highly likely a troll.  We are currently doing our very best to fix this issue as quickly as possible.  In the meanwhile, PLEASE continue supporting the Kickstarter!

Despite the sucky situation we’re currently in, we are genuinely happy that we have legitimately reached $1,875 funding.  Thank you for everyone who has supported us early in the campaign.  Your help is irreplaceable!

UPDATE: The issue has thankfully been resolved!


Please Read! - Anthony Misiano akaHarley’s Joker” is one of the best cosplayers I have seen in a while. Not only does he cosplay but he is an actor who loves to be a part of everything. He’s worked on a lot of projects including dozens of plays, dozens of short films, and about a dozen commercials. He is currently a lead role in a film named “The Restaurant”. It’s a horror comedy hybrid film that has a load of potential. It’s currently running a successful “Kickstarter” campaign and would be doing even better with your help! Right now they are at over $9,000 and their goal is $18,000 (which isn’t too far away). With your help they can most definitely achieve that goal. Click the link below and donate as much as you can. Even if all you can afford is a few dollars, that’s fine. Every dollar counts in helping Anthony Misiano do what he loves the most. Reblog as much as you can and share this with your followers as well! 

Kickstarter Link :

After 3 years of Non-stop Nerd Cake, we’re announcing the Kickstarter campaign to officially open the Nerdache Cakes Bakery!

That’s right- a real place where you can eat all the fandom sweets you know and love, with names and references that tickle your geeky funnybone.

The Kickstarter goes Live April 15th, and with it the reveal of this lifesize Starlord cake from marvelentertainment‘s Guardians of the Galaxy. We hope to see you there, and that you’ll support the Kickstarter any way you can. Whether it’s becoming a backer (and getting some sweet loot in the process!) or sharing with any geeks you know. 

Come back for the reveal then!