Happy to announce my involvement of the wildly successful Reading Rainbow Kickstarter campaign! I’ll be among the ranks of talented individuals such as Mary GrandPré (Harry Potter), Brett Helquist (Lemony Snicket), Chris Eliopoulos (Ordinary People Change the World), Katie Cook (Gronk, My Little Pony), Mike Maihack (Cleopatra in Space) and Penny Arcade, Dan Santan (Sidekicks). A totally humbling experience and am grateful for the RR team to see value in my contribution!  A great opportunity to reach some kids out there and be a part of such a wonderful campaign that’s worth it. More news coming soon. 

For more info on the READING RAINBOW KICKSTARTER project, click here: 


We’ve had an awesome first two days of the Orion Kickstarter! Here’s a snippet of some of the awesome rewards you can get based on your donations.

With only $15, you’ll get a copy of the full game when it’s released next year! Anything above $15 comes with the game and some other cool goodies!

The art in Orion is phenomenal! At $25, you’ll get a copy of an art book along with the game!

At $80, you get an in-character commission from any of our voice actors! This includes Jonah Scott (voice of Louca), Peter Gerkman (voice of Sam), Steven Kelly (voice of Cyrus), or any of our other characters!

Fan of Attack on Space? This one’s for you!

And if you really want to go out there, you can join the game yourself!

Check out these and other cool rewards on the KS page here!


"Noct is a 2D top-down multiplayer survival horror game that blends arcade combat with RPG survival elements. You are a survivor of the apocalyptic purge that formed the desolate wasteland now known as Noct.

The game world is viewed through a thermal imaging satellite observing the aftermath of an apocalypse. Accompanied by an eerie and engaging musical score, your journey through the desolate world is filled with terrifying roaming monsters, intense combat, and perilous situations." -Chris Eskins, developer



Hehe I’ve been eagerly waiting to show this one off <3 killertentacleoctopus approached me and many other talented artists for her Kickstarter a few months back, asking if I could contribute a tentacle themed illustration as part of the rewards. I adore her work and wear her earrings all the time so of course I couldn’t say no! So I made this~ :D

I’ve been spamming this all day but I just can’t help it I’m so excited to see it launched!! You can pre-order one of killertentacleoctopus's beautiful tentacle crowns now! You can also order my piece as a print for $12, or there's a very limited run of my piece on make up bags! 


Hey everyone! Check out Zombie Map on Kickstarter to see a bunch of sick films including 2 of my own! Please check it out soon since we only have 12 days left but still a long ways to go. Thank you the contribution and if you have any questions comment below or send me a personal message


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Between Fiction and Reality lies the exhilarating Fear of the Unknown…

“Our games have always been about making people’s lives … fun! For some, it was a phone call at 4 a.m. and the sound of a five-year-old girl reading passages from the Book of Revelation, while for others it was overcoming the chaos found in a raid of 4,000 players,”

- Andrea Doyon, Black Watchmen Puppet Master

Game type: Science Fiction / Rated M for Mature (Horror) - Alternate Reality Game


Creators (Alice & Smith) and current backers are trying to hit 40% AT LEAST this weekend - we have almost $17,000 out of a $40,000 goal with 33 days to go.