Geology and Nomenclature: Why some names kick ass

I always appreciate a clever name or at least one that is descriptive of the object at hand. A firm favourite is roche moutonnée, a glacial feature which literally translates as ‘rock sheep’ due a pockmarked surface that resembles a particularly ragged sheep’s fleece.

So what other cool names are out there? I’ve compiled a short list of my favourites below but if you know of others feel free to enlighten us in the comments!

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anonymous asked:

Can you rank your favorite Arrow ladies and why?

1. Felicity Smoak - I mean do I really need to explain? She’s the Queen and will be Mrs. Queen one day…if I must first of all she’s an MIT level genius who is still accessible. She doesn’t think too highly of herself and cares about the people around her. Secondly, she has shown her strength over and over again. To me you don’t have to go out and kick ass and take names to be considered strong sometimes moving on with your life when you believe the other half of your soul is gone is stronger than taking on a band of assasins. Thirdly, she is the person who made Oliver realize there was another way to get justice and continue his father's legacy that didn’t involve killing people (well unless they threathen her life then that effer has to die). Lastly, she’s funny. There is not an episode (even when the story has been heavy with emotion) that she failed to make me laugh at least once. I love the light and heart she brings to not only Team Arrow but mostly to Oliver.

2. Lyla Michaels - Lyla is my boo and I want to see more of her because let’s be honest here she’s the most bad ass chick around (well in my opinion). She is also vulnerable and caring (as seen by her mission with the Suicide Squad and her interactions with baby Sara). She also deserves to be Felicity’s BFF because I’m sorry I think Felicity deserves a friend who hasn’t fucked her boyfriend…sorry my Queen deserves better than that *wink*.

3. Thea Queen - when Arrow first started out I admit I was over Thea and her “poor little rich girl” attitude…granted she thought she had lost both her father and her brother. But it goes back to my thought on Felicity and how even though you’ve lost you HAVE to carry on (trust me I’ve been through that and it’s the most healthy way). But then she started to grow on me as her character grew and really in Season 3 when she finally learned Oliver’s secret and was able to fight those demons inside for killing Sara. I’m excited for her continued journey.

4. Sara Lance - I am soo excited that she is coming back. Sara is by no means the perfect person (I mean she was an assasin for crying out loud. She killed people and she willingly went back to that life) but even with all her imperfections I can still appreciate her for all her strengths. She doesn’t let people push her around and she knows that she has demons and if she didn’t die (for someone lesser to be a hero) then maybe we could have seen her grow but alas we didn’t so we will have to go with what we got. Also, I’m curious to see how crazy she’ll be after being put in the Lazarus Pit……

5. Baby Sara - because she’s adorable.

6. The female extra - I mean a street scene needs to look real after all.

Did I miss anyone? Uh nope I’m good!

things i want out of cacw:

  • steve/sharon relationship development preferably shipping
  • sharon/natasha’s amazing friendship from the comics
  • sharon/sam’s amazing friendship from the comics
  • the legacy/relationship established between peggy/sharon bECAUSE IT’S SO IMPORTANT
  • sharon/wanda friendship
  • sharon kicking ass and taking names
  • sharon being an intricate part of team america
  • s h a r o n  c a r t e r

fassbinder91 asked:

Never seen a full episode of Jem, but based on what I've read and seen the thing that especially irks me is that they turned her dead dad's supercomputer HOLOGRAM technology into YouTube, makeup, and Photoshop. Seriously? In an age where hologram vocaloids and dead rappers put on major concerts and there's an entire movie about a guy falling in love with a computer, PHOTOSHOP!? SERIOUSLY!? Basically it's like Battleship, only in the opposite direction in terms of special effects and sci-fi.

Yeah, goddamn they could have made Jem like a fukken cartoon hologram projection a la Gorillaz or somethin’ for all I care, I just want

  • Magical sentient super-synths
  • Girls kicking ass and taking names without some lame “Don’t reach too hard for your dreams because success makes you bitchy and people won’t like you” narrative
  • Misfits
  • Stingers
  • Lisa Frank colour palettes
  • Rio kicking over a potted plant
Non-spoiler observations from Mad Max: Fury Road...
  1. You need to see Mad Max: Fury Road. Preferably on the biggest screen with the best sound system you can find.
  2. “Imperator Furiosa” has to be one of the most kick-ass names for one of the most kick-ass characters in cinema.
  3. To quote a podcast (Filmspotting: SVU) - “the first car chase in the movie is one of the craziest car chases I’ve seen in a movie, and that’s the least crazy car chase in the movie”
  4. This is a movie that has faith in the intelligence of its audience. Basically, all the explanation you get is “it’s half past the apocalypse and society’s collapsed,” and all the rest of the worldbuilding is done organically. George Miller really understands the whole “show, don’t tell” philosophy.
  5. Watch the hand gesture the War Boys make when they’re praying to the “altar” at the beginning of the movie - see if you can figure out why they’re making that particular gesture. (Answer below the “read more” cut.)
  6. Some pathetic MRA/“meninist” types are “boycotting” the movie. Apparently it’s just not fair that Miller embedded a powerfully feminist message in his action movie. Because those poor innocent men might want to go see a testosterone-driven ACTION MOVIE and then get tricked into being feminists. So yeah, basically if that doesn’t tell you that the movie’s message is on point I’m not sure what will.
  7. Ironically, the more common response I’ve seen vis a vis the movie’s feminism is along the lines of “I don’t see why people are making a big deal about it being feminist - they just created the female characters and their stories with the same level of care and respect as the male characters.” I’m probably preaching to the choir here, but that’s the fucking definition of feminism!
  8. Be careful driving home after seeing this movie. You are not Mad Max in the deserts of Namibia post-apocalyptic Australia.
  9. Ladies and gentlemen… the Doof Warrior:

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You know what would’ve really been amazing?  If Damon had actually left Bonnie and Kai went over to her (saying the whole thing was a farce, duh because he’s obsessed with her) told her how although everyone else took her sacrifices for naught and didn’t see her true strength, he saw it, and offered her to join him.  

Then the next season could’ve been Bonnie and Clyde Kai being the most powerful witches to ever live, together, kicking ass and taking names and making everyone realize what Bonnie is truly capable of - she would’ve FINALLY had her chance in the spotlight and wouldn’t be tossed to the side, and have the extent of her powers ignored like usual.  Meanwhile Damon and possibly Matt and Caroline (which would probably also involve Stefan) would try to get her back to the good side but she would unleash her pent up frustration at them, showing how they treated her like a piece of shit after her infinite sacrifices and now it’s time for her to level off the playing field.

One of the best feelings ever, is when an artist, or songwriter, or creator of any sort, really gets you. They make something, put something out there, that is like the inside of your brain, the inside of your heart, and you are so happy, because someone else thinks like you do. Someone else feels the things you do. You’re not alone, the weird images in your mind are in others’ minds, the things you feel are said in the exact way you feel them, someone else has created something that is your interest, your mind, your heart. I’m not saying this as well as I wish I could, but I guess, the creators and the things they make feel like home. You fit right in, like a puzzle piece. You are accepted, you are shown that you’re not alone, and that it’s okay to be weird, because We are weird, too, and We feel that, too, and they think like I do, and they feel like I do, and they do what I do, and they are like me. This is just really important okay, I feel like crying, because I need people and things like that. There is just this huge feeling of relief and acceptance, without them making a big deal about it, because they are just doing and making what they love. They are themselves, and they show you that it’s okay that you’re yourself.

Shooting the dog may have been Roxy and Eggsy’s ‘last test’ but I want to know just how many 'last tests’ kingsman actually has to try and get to just one person left. Because if Roxy had spilled on the train tracks (she would never but still) then boom. Done. Eggsy would have been the only one left? Right? He never even would have been asked to shoot JB. (Unless I’m missing something and by all means fill me in). But I’m willing to bet James and Lee not only both shot their dog, but continued to kick ass and take names. Which is why at some point they just start taking the recruits out into the field to measure their abilities in live situations. (Though we all know how that turned out.) They save the weed out tests for back home.


this just in: Pete wentz will spin kick some guy named Guav in the face for a shooters jersey

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don’t go being annoying on his account]

oKAY so I was walkin along to McDonalds as usually because ya’know I love McDoanlds and all and Im walkin the opposite direcion of this guy and as I’m walking towards him he starts taking off his headphones and already I’m like ughgh shit and he says hey and I say hey ad I think okay good done. 

then behind me I here a faint “where ya headed?” and ya’know I could easily pretend I didnt hear that so I did. Then I hear footsteps and Im like oh pls let those be retreating footsteps, but ofc they’re not and I hear “Where ya headed?” again from next to me. And now see as an anxious very polite person I can’t not respond like I can only reject people in the most indirect kind of way (unless I’m getting fed up but that’s later) sO I tell him McDonald’s and he’s like “oh I just came from there” and starts walking with me and Im just like fuck my life fuck my life fuck my life  so he follows me to McDonalds, wanders around the place while I order, than follows me the way out. I decide to walk the opposite direction from my house in hopes he’d be like oh wait no i live in the other direction bye. Didn’t happen.

He’s asking me all these questions and such. He asks if he could call me and we could hang out, and I’m like “not really” and he asks if I have a phone, and I say “no.” He asks if he could see me again, and I’m like “I don’t think that would be a good idea.” and he’s like “Do you have a boyfriend?” and im just like perfect “Yes i do.” 

You’d think the next response would be “oh im sorry later!” and he turns around and goes home! But noooo no of course not no he continues walking with me and asking questions. At one point he asks if he can walk me home. I say “I’d rather you didn’t” and he just went silent and continued walking with me. This happened like three times. We’re getting closer to my house now that I’ve turned around not wanting to get too far away. So I ask him in which direction he lives (so I can go in a different direction and he cant be like oh i live this way too). He points to the right, and asks about me and I point forward. He asks if it’s far and I say yes (too far for you to walk with me so pls go home already). But he’s like “Oh! Then let me walk you home.” “no, I’d rather walk alone.” “You’d rather walk all that way alone?” “yes”

Now I’m getting nervous because we’ve passed my building and I just wanna get home and eat my probably cold now fries. (ive finally just eaten one right now and its cold and gross fuck my life) So I think at the next street, I’m going to turn to the left and make sure he cant follow me because he lives in the complete opposite direction. So Im basically like “Ah I’ve got to turn here and you live over there so yeah bye.” only he continues following me halfway across the street (it’s one of those 4 lane roads with like grass in the middle) and so I stop and I’m done because you know what that’s far enough and I’ve told him I don’t want him walking me home and that’s fuckin that 

so I stop and tell him “You live in the other direction. I don’t want you walking me home.” and he’s just standing around there and won’t move and go home already. I refuse to move because I don’t want him following me anymore.  And we basically stand there for like 5 minutes. FInally I’m like fuck it I just wanna go home so I’m like “WELL I’m going home. I don’t want you walking me home. Please don’t follow me.” and he’s like “Can we hang out?” and I’m like “No.” and he’s like “For just 20 minutes?” and I’m like “ I’ve gotta get home my boyfriend’s waiting for me” and he’s like “Actually I have nothing to do right now I was kicked out the house.” and I kinda just shrug, give the equivalent of tough shit but I gotta go bye. I walk across the street and he lags behind me but stops and sits at the corner. And I’m somewhat like ok cool but also like I still dont trust that he’s not gonna follow me so as I’m walking Im trying to figure out what to do and I see this low wall to this parking garage and I jumped over it (scared a poor cat sorry bby) and walked through there and made my way back home 

TL;DR: Some dude tried following me home and I walked all over the place and jumped a low wall trying to get away. Also my fries are cold and I drank all my soda before I even got home life sucks

One of these days Roy is going to check the news for Starling City and he’s going to see a red arrow out there, kicking ass and taking names and he’s going to just KNOW and he’s going to be so proud. He’s going to see his girl being as amazing and independent and brilliant as he always knew she was. Thea saved his life and now she gets to save everyone else’s.

So, hello! My name is Harmonie and I have been tagged by my loser friend Seth ( kicked-out-of-the-asylum ) to do this “20 Beautiful Challenge” or something like that a million weeks ago. So I took this failed picture with my dog Phoenix. Anywho, I shall tag: alienkinmulder, baysidedaze, borikenia, carnicokitty, chloenadyne, frontierpodiatrist, fuckoffanddropdead, hellabackboy, hetaliansthathatepasta, jon-snow-knows-something, lyxzn, maryumme, namelesswinn, nocturnalwhispers, okaysoufflegirl, smallsoftbaby, strive-for-magic, such-ratchetry, sw-ear-wo-rds, annnnnnnnnnnnnnd xsickenedyouthx

SO YEAH. That’s the benefit of having like, 66 followers. If you decide not to do it, then that’s your choice. You do you bro. Peace.

Alejandro Toledo Lopez for avtvmnsalad‘s Two Worlds BC!!
angler / cat person / easily impressed / hydrophobic / neat

Hello, world! Leonardo! Natasha! My name’s Alejandro Toledo! I saw an ad for this challenge, and after seeing Leonardo, I decided I must join.. I mean, wow.. *coughs*
Okay! Back on track. I’m a 26 years old, and I hail from Mexico! I used to live in a beach town, which is weird because I’m scared of water. I guess that makes me a little like my favourite animal, cats… Otherwise, I love fishing. I always catch big ones! Although, I might think that because I’m easily impressed… Oh, I’m also a really neat person.
Ok~ay! I’m super excited to meet you, Leonardo!

cc - nosemask (sugar) / eyeliner / hair

*his hair is different in the dl bc i couldn’t find this one. it’s super similar tho.
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