Glory 16 - Raymond Daniels 

Aside from the sheer difficulty in landing this kick. What makes it beautiful is the set up and the technical prowess of Daniel.

Traditionally this kick is set up from the back leg and uses the momentum from the spin to unleash the spinning hook kick.

The thing which is beautiful about this. is the adjustment in throwing the kick, instead of throwing it traditionally using the rear leg for momentum to set it up. He uses a leaping lead leg side kick to create the momentum for the spin as he pressures his opponents to the ropes.

By throwing the kick like this it makes it a lot more harder for the opponent to read and therefore increase chances to land the kick.



“…once you have confused them and found their weakness, you crush them… If your crushing is weak, they will be able to rally… if your opponent is inferior to you, or his rhythm has broken… it is essential that you crush him immediately, without letting him catch his breath or even letting him glance at you. It is your primary consideration to not let him recover even a little.”

       - Miyamoto Musashi (五輪書, The Book of Five Rings)