It’s been awhile since I posted mix or anything for that matter on my Soundcloud. I hope you guys are able to listen and enjoy my latest mix. I cover a fair amount of ground in this one, alot of different sounds and blends, fast paced, high energy mix.

Freestyled mix and made with an S2 as oppsed to my normal DDJT1. Back to school and rush season is upon us, so felt I should name this mix something pro Greek. Wish everyone in school a great school year. GO GREEK!

As usual my mixes are eloquintly enjoyed during studying, homework, workouts, driving, kickbacks/parties and or anywhere in general. THANK YOU FOR LISTENING<3 Download on Soundcloud!

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Sebastian Ingrosso & Tommy Trash - Reload Vs
Zedd - Stay The Night (Acapella) Vs
Calvin Harris - C.U.B.A (ju1ced SMASHUP)
Henry Fong - Takin’ It Back
Laidback Luke & Gina Turner - BAE
Disclosure - White Noise (Oliver Heldens & Tommie Sunshine Bootleg)
Don Diablo - Anytime
Clean Bandit - Rather Be (Praia Del Sol & Renco ‘Gecko’ Bootleg)
Blasterjaxx - Gravity
Will Sparks - This Is What The Bounce Is
R3hab & Vinai - How We Party
Deorro & J-Trick - Rambo (Hardwell Edit)
Chuckie & Glowinthedark - NRG
Major Lazer ft. Busy Signal - Watch Out For This (Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike Tomorrowland Remix)
Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike - Wakanda
Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike - Wakanda (Clever Noise Trap Bootleg)
Calvin Harris - Summer(Diplo & Grandtheft Remix)
Flux Pavillion - I Can’t Stop
Kendrick Lamar - M.A.D.D City
Yellow Claw, Diplo & LNY TNZ - Techno
Chief Keef - Love Sosa (RL Grime Remix)
Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Heads Will Roll (A-Trak Remix)
MAKJ - Go (Showtek Edit)
Bassjackers - Like That
Sander Van Doorn - Neon (Ummet Ozcan Remix)
Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike - Tremor
R3hab & Deorro - Flashlight Vs. Disclosure ft. Sam Smith - Latch (acapella) (JU1CED Rush SMASHUP)
David Guetta & Showtek ft. Vassy - Bad
MAKJ vs Deorro - Ready!
Will Sparks -Bring It Back
Thomas Newson - Ravefield
Martin Garrix - Animals (Botnek Edit)
Joel Fletcher & Reece Low - Back 2 Front
The Chainsmokers - #SELFIE (Botnek Edit)
Martin Garrix & Firebeatz - Helicopter
Ummet Ozcan - Airport
Chuckie - Dirty Funkin Beats
Martin Garrix Vs Evan Gartner - Proxy Bonkers (Nio Mashup)
Blasterjaxx - Echo
Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike & W&W - Waves
DVBBS - We Were Young
Garmiani vs Cash Cash - Nomad Take Me Home (The Chainsmokers Mashup)
Hardwell & Joey Dale ft. Luciana - Arcadia
Sandro Silva & Arston - Symphony
Paris Blohm &Taylr Renee - Left Behinds
Laidback Luke & Marc Benjamin - We’re Forever
Nadia Ali, Starkillers & Alex Kenji - Pressure (Alesso Remix) Vs Coldplay - Fix You
Coldplay - Sky Full of Stars (Hardwell Remix)
Bastille - Pompeii (Audien Remix)
Bastille - Pompeii (Slander Heaven Trap Remix)
Diplo - Revolution
Flux Pavilion - I Can’t Stop


IG: ju1ceysqueeze

Goes to a kickback to socialize, maybe meets some dudes, ends up talking to the one guy who is definitely not into women about sailor moon for about an hour.  Leaves at a grandma time to hang out with nephew who couldn’t stay up

Hey, UCF

Can we STOP having classes that require that we buy a textbook which includes a code to a third party website which just holds a reiteration of the text, and a place for quizzes and exams?

We have fucking WEBCOURSES for quizzes, exams and discussion forums. I’m sure you’re getting some nice monetary kickbacks from these third party websites, and that’s all fine and dandy, but guess who also needs money…

I’ll wait…


I got tired of waiting.

Some of us are paying out of pocket to be here, and ponying up over 100 dollars for some virtual code which only cost X amount of money to produce in the first place and minimum to maintain is kind of a big ol’ GFY.


Idk if she told some of you guys or not, but Kori is having a bday kickback tonight. It starts at 10. We have everything, all y'all need to do is bring your bodies.

anonymous said:

Girl you can't give up now call everybody! Anybody! Someone who's going to this kickback. Btw wear something cute but casual

I’ve been trying, but it’s not looking up. They throw these kickbacks almost every weekend though, so I guess I can go to another one. I was talking to Carlos and I told him I couldn’t go and he said I should go next time. So maybe with a little more preparation, on a better weekend, I can go. The issue is, I have to get around my parents to go, so it has to be pretty carefully planned. We’ll see. 

Also I was thinking of like, shorts or skinny jeans and this like tight-ish see-through black shirt (with a tank top) and it’s got like roses and shit on it idk. It’s cute. Or my like skin tight bebe tank top… and my Doc Martens. So. 

For a project, I had to create a map. I picked my favorite band from each state (or where the majority of where the members are from), filled with the image with each’s best album (in my opinion). Done in illustrator. 



This is an image of a canon Scout, really, that’s… that’s real.


This is the last concept art before his model was created.


This image shows the Scout model has at least the width of Soldier’s for the shoulders. Soldier, the one who holds a firing rocket launcher without issue every single day taking the kickback in order to fly, and is generally shown as big rough and tough. He does have a smaller waistline, but that’s not actually condemning in and of itself, so much as Soldier seems to have a bit of padding ‘round the middle if you get what I mean.

"But he’s got such skinny arms!"


Motherfucker have you even looked at the art style. EVERYONE HAS SKINNY UPPER ARMS unless they’re portrayed as heavier in weight. See the green? That’s how much skinnier than Demo each arms are. BUT LOOK. SOLDIER’S SCRAWNY. I mean shit, his jacket falls in such a way as to show his upper arms are TEENY. Holy crap. I did not even notice until I did this. Wow. Scout’s arms just look tiny because he’s got his shirt sleeves rolled up and so there’s a sudden visual drop off. That’s it. That’s the explanation. Don’t even look at Spy, his fucking thigh gap alone… Oh, and as a reminder, all three of the aforementioned classes have been shown to have extra weight. That’s muscle AND whatever’s gathered on their arms to match their little pudge bellies. Scout’s not overly skinny, he’s just athletic fit. Those arms aren’t that twiggy despite what people think. That lady commenting on his broken arms in the comic? I’m pretty sure going off this, she’s just an unreliable narrator. He may not be some buff daddy, but wiry and/or athletic =/= weak child-like kid.



These gifs show him not only beating the shit out of a Heavy in the Meet The Scout video, but in the first gif the Heavy gets a hold on the bat, pulls it away from his neck, and Scout yanks it back with a combo of his strength and his weight. He cannot weigh as much as Sasha okay, Sasha is 331 pounds, rounding up. Scout does not weigh 300 pounds. He does however completely overpower someone who regularly lifts that much, with a single yank. That’s, what, over 300 pounds of force, and they’re both yanking in a direction that does not benefit them. Can you imagine how hard he hits with the bat? OH YEAH THE SECOND IMAGE SHOWS US THIS. APPARENTLY SO HARD THAT MISHA BENDS IN HALF BACKWARDS. What, he’s gotta be like 270? 300? Just in terms of weight let alone his muscles? And Scout flipped him backwards from a tense stomach hug position that actually meant he was resisting. Plz m8 that’s some fuckin’ force.

Not to mention in the second he jumps up a typical freighting box like ‘hey just wandering up the steps here.’ The most common boxcars are 10’-10” to 11’ high. That’s 11’. He just jumped 11’ feet in the air from what is barely a running start. That is give or take 5 inches a 126 Inch leap. To accomplish that you have to leave the ground at a speed of 7.92 m/s vertically no matter how much you weigh. He needed a force of 19,585 Newtons against the ground based on about a weight of 163 pounds to reach that speed assuming he bent his knees at an angle of 60 degrees, which it appears he does. Salt water crocs slam their jaws shut with 3,700 pounds per square inch (psi), or 16,460 newtons, of bite force. A 2008 computer model estimated that a 21-foot (6.5-meter) great white shark would produce nearly 4,000 psi (17,790 newtons) of bite force. A Scout kicks off casually at strengths rivaling the bite of a Great White.

Can we skip the commentary that Scout’s are weak and scrawny yet? Can we? CAN WE FUCKING MOVE ON NOW?