girl jules is basically the same as dude jules (same personality, same body type) except she identifies as a girl and works in a HOST CLUB. Some of her coworkers are girls but most of them are guys. Obviously she’s the most popular host there

I love drawing tiny girl ruiz so much…

Kibart Engineering http://ift.tt/1meuRqH

I dig the look of this design. It’s flat and clean and really feels like a engineering company to me. Only wish it was responsive, but otherwise a really smart looking layout.

Steve Semanchik @vitaminisgood
Role: Designer

The Kibart home page showcases the firm’s best work, driving users to the interior of the site while simultaneously highlighting their service offerings. This carefully crafted, contemporary site design alludes to the creativity and artfulness Kibart brings to every project.



are zombie girl and human dude dating? Will they ever date? No. They love each other very much but they’re not in love. They’re best friends and have no romantic inclination towards one another. Also in the comic zombie girl sent human dude a picture of her and her girlfriend. She has a girlfriend. Suck on it

Why didn’t zombie girl just stay with human dude or vice versa? Even though they’d like to stay together, they still have separate lives. Zombie girl has a girlfriend back home, other friends, family, etc. Same for human dude (except he’s not dating anyone). Zombie girl does get to stay with human dude every october though. He’s also gone to see her home a few times (only in october). He likes her girlfriend a lot

Why can they only see each other in october? Check out some of my old writing on the import shop. The shop isn’t in human dude’s town at any other point in the year. Amazingly enough, it stays there all october

Are you ever going to name them? Nah. Maybe. Right now I like them as zombie girl and human dude (and neko girlfriend)

Can I cosplay/draw/write them? Yes. Hell yes. Remember to tag my url if you post anything because I want to see it