Naruto Season 1 Episode 27

Summary: The second part of the exam has begun. It Is an anything goes battle for earth and heaven scrolls. Then survive your way to the tower in the center of the forest. It will last 5 days. Naruto left to go on a quick bathroom trip and an imposter took his place. Sasuke of course figured this out quickly and a Rain Ninja appeared. Kiba Hinata and Shino have already taken out one team by taking advantage of the natural wildlife.

Thoughts: So the rules are pretty simple. Great job to Kibas team for already taking out one team off the bat as rookies. I wonder what happened to the real Naruto did he get kidnapped????

Naruto Season 1 Episode 24

Summary: So the exams have begun. The first part of the exam is a written test designed to get the ninja to cheat and gather information and not get caught. Naruto won’t cheat but doesn’t know any of the answers putting his team at risk. Sakura is really smart and has figured out the answers. Sasuke is using his sharingan to imitate the pen strokes. Naruto is basically waiting on the final tenth question. So far 13 teams have been disqualified to become chuunin this time.

Thoughts: nothing really interesting to share about this episode. Basically they are all being forced to find creative ways to cheat. I do wonder what the tenth question will be.