Kiara had been following this strange creature for about an hour. If it wasn’t for her curiosity, she would have given up a long time ago. Whatever this adorable creature was, Kiara was surprised that it hadn’t yet spotted her in the tall grasses of the plains

“Not one of us from Lion King 2 breaks my heart. I was what you’d call an outcast all through school. It took a long time for me to realize i didn’t need to prove i belonged with people i didn’t even like. That i just needed to love myself and the real friends who loved me for me would come along eventually. I know that’s not the story behind that song in the movie, but i still feel it when i listen to it. I love Kovu and Kiara for staying together <3″


Kiara was low to the ground, the tall tan grass helping her blend in with her surroundings. She was taught if she was ever in a situation like this, ‘fight or run’ and she usually ran. But this guy looked like a two-leg she could actually take down.
With a tiny wiggle of her behind, she launches herself at the person. What happens next is not what she expected.