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Shawn Mendes - Respect

Sam Wilkinson & Nash Grier - Submarines

Nash Grier - Where Are Ü Now

Kian Lawley - Dip in the pool

Jack Johnson & Nash Grier - Caps and Cake Scheduled to be published 4/2/2015

I was wearing my Panic! At the Disco pullover today and one of the other teachers at my school walked up to me, pointed at my shirt and said, “My mom taught the lead singer of that band in seventh grade, back in Vegas” And I was like “Woah, really.” And he nodded and said “Brendon Urie, I believe” and I just could not even.

tanana-bugger asked:

Hullo I'm new to drawing, any tips when it comes to digital painting?

yeah, try every technique you can find. look up tutorials and try them out. even if you find something that’s easy and looks good, try not to settle into a routine because that’s when you stop learning, and when you’re just starting out you should be trying to learn as much as possible! that kind of happened to me when i was learning how to do digital art, i found one technique i really liked and kept to it but now it’s kind of become a crutch, i have to force myself to do something different if i want my art to continue to change and improve. there are tons of ways to do digital art and most of them won’t be right for you but you should try them anyway

Kian Lawley (Dip in the Pool)

Y/N meets Kian by a pool in a resort, he tries to be a reasonable jerk.

So let me get this straight, you tried to push your friend in to the pool, but slipped and almost killed me by making me fall in to the pool with you on top.” I  confronted the boy who was still looking around a bit uncomfortably ”basically, but you shouldn’t stand so close to the edge if you didn’t want to fall.” ”I shouldn’t stand by the pool?” I ridiculed his defense ”I could have died because of you and It’s because I was standing by a pool at a resort, fuck you. I stood up and threw the towel in his face, before storming of.

My card-key to my room was drenched and wasn’t working so I had to go back downstairs to the reception. The boy was lounging by the cafeteria while his friend was getting a drink. I gave him a mean eye before trying to address the reception lady, but the lady started to give me a speech how I wasn’t allowed to go swimming with my clothes on or vandalizing hotel property. ”besides, we can’t give you a new key before the other persons who are staying in the same room come downstairs to give permission for it.” ”But they are going to be all day gone on a tour.”  I looked at my soaking clothes ”And I’m wet, I don’t want to get sick on a fucking holiday”.  ”Miss, you don’t have to use that kind of language or tone on me, when your the one breaking the rules. I’m going to have to ask you to leave the premises if you continue.” ”Can I at least have a fuc..” I swallowed the rest of the word and continued on a normal tone “..a towel”

I sat down outside on the steps looking at the pool and cursing myself for not taking any shoes on me when I went to watch the pool. “hey, I heard what the lady said..” the boy walked up to me “You know, I can borrow you a shirt and some shorts, if you want?” I looked up to him trying to read his face. “Is this one of your tactics get a girl drenched and kidnap her. Well fuck you still, I’m not falling for it”. “No really, I’m sorry, I realize I was being an ass, It’s my fault… I know, but.. you were so cute I didn’t know how to act around you and yeah.. my name is Kian” He stretched out his hand to greet me, but I looked at his hand and then said straight to his face. “Hi Kian, My name is Y/N, can you leave me alone now.” “I’m sorry, I’m going to leave, but my offer is still valid, you look a bit ridiculous sitting here in your wet clothes.” 

I looked at myself and the people around me, before shifting my gaze on him. he was only wearing his shorts and had a quite nicely toned lean body. People had been giving me odd stares and I counted it would take at least 4 hours before the others would get here. “Fine, you better give me your best shirt.” I gave him half a smile and he smiled back at me “You bet.”

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4. MVP w/ Denzell Terrell

5. GAME GENIE w/ Illumntr

6. TEN THOUSAND CLAMS w/ Eric Benny Bloom and illumntr



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