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Hello, I was curious if there's any cherik steampunk AU fic. Thanks :)

Anon, you should definitely check out these most excellent fics:

The changeling; or, Charles Xavier (a Novel by a Lady) by aesc [Cherik, PG-13] 

[1834] The changeling Charles Xavier, friendless and dispossessed of his fortune, arrives at Ironhill Hall to tutor the two children of the mysterious Mr. Lehnsherr. Or, the one where XMFC meets a heavily-revised Jane Eyre meets steampunk.

The Marriage Bargain by kianspo [Cherik, R, Underage, WIP]

Erik Lehnsherr had made a fortune manufacturing steel in Europe. When he wished to expand to the New World, he discovered that no one would do business with him unless he was affiliated with one of the First Families, the creme de la creme of the NW aristocracy. When Lord Marko holds an auction to give away his 14-year-old stepson’s hand in marriage, Erik sees his chance and takes it. He has no interest in Charles himself, but now that he has him, can they make it work?

Resources, Status, and Enjoyable Interactions by pocky_slash [Cherik, PG-13]

Charles is utterly uninterested in marrying, even if he is a first son with a duty to his family to do so. He has no trouble turning suitors away at every turn—at least, until he receives an intricate mechanical bird and an offer that might just solve all his problems.

A Road to Safety or Ruin by keire_ke [Cherik, R]

Erik should feel only anger when he thinks of the sky-pirates, of their exploits and disregard for laws. By rights he should be glad when one is caught committing a crime on Genoshan land, as it should give him some satisfaction to sentence the man to death. Shouldn’t he?

Toy Soldier by professor [Cherik, NC-17]

Charles is a toy maker who collects broken, unloved toys in order to repair them and find them loving homes. One winter’s evening, he returns to his workshop to find a badly damaged metal man named Erik.

Mod’s Comment: These are all amazing works…but I cry tiny tears of liquid joy everytime a snippet of ‘The Marriage Bargain’ updates on kianspo’s tumblr. :D


Okay so I’m half black on my mother’s side, and half white on my father’s side.
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