I Love Our Relationship

You were the first girlfriend Kian had after he and Andrea broke up. That made your relationship a little different than any other relationship you had before. He was worried about getting hurt, so you made sure not to be too needy or reliant on one another. You were two people living two lives that loved each other and spending time with one another. It worked for both of you.

One morning you turn over to see Kian waking up smiling at you. You had been together for 11 months today.

"Happy 11 months babe." You whisper when you get ccloser to him letting him kiss your forehead.

"I just want to keep kissing you forever." Kian said and continued to kiss you for awhile. He melted your heart.

"I love you and our relationship." Kian says after kissing for awhile.

"Our relationship is pretty great. I guess you are too." You say with a laugh.

"I’m serious, Isabel. Our relationship is so open. I don’t feel trapped, I just feel like it’s letting our relationship thrive. I love you even more for it."