So hey guys!! I have a leftover Digifest NYC GA ticket and I decided to do a give away since I have no followers! First things first is to re log this and I will be picking a winner on Wednesday and that day I will have my ask open…so happy reblogging! 😁😁😊😊🙌🏾🙌🏾

Want to be on a collab channel?… Keep reading!!

We’re looking for more members and this are a few things that I think are necessary to join:

» Be creative and be willing to have fun
» Be committed with the channel and all the ‘make videos’ thing
» Could be Girls or Guys… or dinosaurs
» Must be 15 -19 (If you are little younger/older than that, you can still audition)

If you are interest and want to be part of this collab, send me an ask and I’ll let you know what you need to do for your audition :)

Thanks for read this and have a nice day!

Sorry for tag a lot of people, probably is annoying for you, I just want people to see this and maybe make audition. Have a nice day and don’t hate me :)