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Meet the Kia Forte 5-Door Antenna Hockey Hatch.

Once again, Kia and Antenna Magazine have collaborated to make a exciting sports version of an already popular family car. This time it was the turn of the Kia Forte. The ice hockey edition features everything you could possibly need from a conventional family car, with the added bonus of cool storage facilities for all your necessary kit.

On first impressions, besides the eccentric electric-blue wheels and that fact it is lowered, you might think there is little difference between the Hockey and its predecessor. Well you would be very wrong.

The Hockey features bucket seats for maximum ride comfort, and the headrests are fitted with monitors, so you can play the latest NHL games, on the integrated games console, while en-route to a match.


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Kia and Antenna have managed to utilise all the available space effectively. I particularly like how they have created a partial-glass rear centre console, which acts as storage for your hockey stick, through the boot.

Not only that, included in the centre console, are two sports bottle holders and a holder for a selection of hockey pucks. Fairly pointless, but nonetheless amusing.

It amazes me how Kia are always thinking of new ideas to improve the functionality. Okay, so lining the foot-wells with full rubber, replicating that of the surrounding rink surface, might not be ground breaking, but it certainly makes the car even more practical for those wet trips to the rink.

Now for the boot space. If this doesn’t leave you open mouthed I don’t know what will!

Every single nook and cranny is filled with storage for your gear. There’s a shelf for you helmet, a rail for you shirt and a compartment for your skates. The look is finished off with neon accenting to match the wheels. 

I personally am not a massive fan of the colour scheme. Had Kia chosen to sport this funky little number with black rims as opposed to blue, I think there would be far more people wanting to own one.

This is a highly functional car, packed with features. Probably not that suitable for the ‘school-run-mum’, but I’m sure you wouldn’t think twice about catching a ride with your mates to the game.

I’d love to see Kia releasing far more cars like this, and really taking the meaning of sports hatchback to a new level.


Kia Unveil the flashy new Sorento

I have just been checking out the Kia UK website to see if they have any exciting news for all the Kia fans and found an article about the new Sorento - due to be unveiled in Autumn.

Although they have not given specifics regarding the trim and interior, they have said that they been paying close attention to what you guys have been saying. The spokesperson for Kia has announced that the new Sorento will feature new and improved headlights. They will include snazzy new LED positioning lights - which not only look better, but actually light up the road in front of you more effectively. Presumably they will be similar to that of the K9 (below) and they Optima.

Courtesy of:

Kia’s designers have also included new bumpers both front and back to accommodate a larger body-color surface. Unfortunately I was unable to find any pictures other than the ones on the website - they are quite small but can be found by clicking here.

The final alteration that Kia have announced is that they will be offering a greater choice when it comes to wheels. Customers will now be able to get up to 19 inch alloys - depending on the model. Fingers crossed they will be offering something a bit more exciting like they have done on the new picanto - as opposed to more conventional alloys like other companies.

I would love to see these on a Black Sorento!

What do you think of the latest upgrade?


Kia & Antenna Magazine have a baby...

This may well be ‘old news’ to some of you, but I found these three stunning variations of Kia’s that have been produced with the inspiration of Antenna Magazine. Together with Antenna Magazine, Kia have managed to liven up their already exciting product range to include a 5-door Rio Surf Edition, the Forte 5-Door Hockey and lastly the Soul Xpression. (I will feature the other two in my next posts!)

So this is the Kia Rio Surf Edition.

Isn’t she gorgeous?

Photo from:

Although Kia have released little information in regards to the spec, one would presume the engine etc are the same and that the bodykit and personal touches are the only things that have been developed.

Of the three cars this is my personal favourite as I am a bit of a sports fan. It comes complete with a roof rack so you can take you board to the beach for a chilled out day, without any hassle. As for the inside, it’s insane! It’s rammed full of extras everywhere you look.

I love the VW Golf-esq rear, and the number plate being mounted on wood is a top class touch. Given the choice I don’t think I would personally have chosen the Brown/Gold combination, but it actually seems to work quite well.

I have a feeling this is going to be one of those cars that you are either going to love or hate. I personally love it, and regardless of the fact that the interior colours make it appear cheap, I can’t help but want to own one.

It’s got a cheeky wooden splitter on the front, a centre mounted exhaust, a towel holder, gold 17-inch wheels and a built in satnav. Why wouldn’t you want to own one?!

All the pictures I have used are sourced from and you can find even more pictures of the Rio Surf on there.


Kia unveil the 2013 Kia Sorento


The flashy new model has had a cheeeky facelift! It now comes with 17in wheels as standard, as well as a new front end and different colour body kit – as you would expect from the updated model.

The top of the range model is packed full of exciting new add ons. It comes with a chrome exhaust tip, even bigger, 18 inch wheels and LED taillights.

You might be thinking ‘thats nothing special!’ but just wait until you see the interior. Kia have really gone all out on this one.

The standard Sorento comes with full electric windows, air con and a telescopic steering wheel – probably enough for most. The upgraded model however, comes with all of this plus a UVO infotainment system, a plush leather steering wheel, electric drivers seat, and just incase, a first aid kit.

The UVO infotainemt system is a top of the range sound system which allows you to ‘use’ your phone by ‘talking’ to the system. Not only that, the system provides a quality sound system through a number of connections. It includes an AUX imput so you can attach your ipod etc and a USB slot. That was just a brief description of what it does, but if you want to know more then check out the video link below.

As well as this, the Sorento is available in 3 different engine sizes – which can give you up to 191 hp! Having said this, owning a 3.5 litre V6 is going to set you back quite a bit on fuel!

The price is yet to be disclosed but I have a feeling its probably going to be a bit pricey!


Kia Rio voted top choice for your teen

Every teenager wants a flashy new car when they first pass their test, but for most people this is a far distant dream. Until now. Kia have just released the new Kia Rio which, in my opinion, is an absolute steal. It comes in a range of colours  with a brilliant sound system, which is bound to make them the coolest kid at school!

I’m not the only one who thinks this - recently voted the Rio as ‘one of the best new cars for your teenager’.

The Rio provides you with peace of mind warrenty, lots of safety features, reliability and an affordable price tag, whilst providing your teenager the coolride that they have always wanted.

Back in the day Kia had a reputation for making cheap, sub standard cars, but a lot has changed since then. Nowadays Kia are offering quality cars, cutting-edge design, fuel efficiency and a massive 7 year warranty.

The 2012 Kia Rio comes with USB connectivity and flashy steering controls as standard, which means your teen will never have to take their eyes off the road. The higher spec models even offer a built in satnav system, if you are worried about your son or daughter getting lost - alternatively you could just buy them a portable satnav for a fraction of the cost, that you could share with the family.

Now for the important stuff - safety and running costs.

You’ll struggle to find a better car when it comes to fuel efficiency. The 1.25 Petrol averages over 55 mpg - making it the perfect car for running back and forth to school and carting your friends about shopping in the city.

The low engine size means you can feel confident that your youngster will be able to handle to power, and have faith in the fact that they can’t reach ridiculious speeds when on the dual carriageway. Not only that, the Rio is in Tax band C, which means you will only pay £30 a year road tax!

The thing that impressed me most about this car was the insurance group. The Rio is in group 5, making it one of the most affordable cars on the market for new drivers. (

"Parents want a safe, reliable car for their kids, but teens only care about what’s cool. The 2012 Kia Rio checks both of those boxes." -

When it comes to safety all the standard features are there but kia havn’t splashed out on many extras. The Rio is fitted with airbags all round, traction control, ABS and 3-point centre seatbelt.

On the downside, the standard model is very basic. It lacks some of the features you might expect if you were paying nearly 10k. The power steering is ridiculously light which could be considered a pro and a con. In the slower models this is great - it is very responsive and reacts exactly as you want, but in the quicker models it tends to understeer quite a bit. The bog-standard model doesn’t have air con or alloy wheels but for a couple of grand more you can have both of these plus some flashy extras, such as parking sensors, heated seats and cruise control. If you are intending to go on roadtrips or long group journeys regularly then the Rio isn’t ideal. The boot is virtually non existant! The leg room also has much to be desired, but considering the size of the vehicle you can’t really complain.

I would quite like to see a sportier version of the Rio with a more exciting interior and a few more features as standard, but other than that, im liking its fresh new look -  far more feisty looking than its sibling, the Picanto.

Prices start from only £9,995 brand new, with the higher calibre models being priced at £14,895. Having said this, you can snap up one of these used beauties for a fraction of the price at your local dealer with only a few thousand miles on the clock.

Kia have done it again - the rio is a beautiful little runner that i would recommend to anyone looking for a cheap to run, functional little car. Shame about the lack of boot space and leg room. Available with a bigger engine for those who want a car that packs a bit more of a punch, but be aware of the light steering. Ideal for new, young drivers looking to make a wise investment for the future. - 8/10

- KiaCarCrazy

Simply the BEST!

…no im not just saying it! Kia have actually been named as the best car manufacturer of 2012 by Which?

The independant review team recently put Kia and all other car manufacturer’s to the test to find out who was the best.The complex testing reviewed a series of different factors, such as reliability and customer satisfaction, before crowning an overall winner.

It appears to have come as somewhat of a suprise as this was the first time Kia entered the competition, but they managed to fight off strong competition from the likes of BMW and Toyota, to walk off with the trophy.

This seems to have made an impression on the Which? Chief Executive, Peter Vicary-Smith, who remarked: “This is the first time Kia has made the short-list and to walk off with the title is a significant achievement.”

All new models were tested by the specialists, and Which? seemed enthused by how far the South Korean car manufacturer had come in such a short period of time. In the written review, Which? commented upon the new models, saying: ”Kia’s new Rio, Sorento and Picanto have all impressed in our Test Lab, while the new cee’d and Optima get the thumbs-up from our initial road tests. Compared to where it was just five years ago, we feel that Kia is the most improved car brand around.”

Photo from:

On reciept of the award, Kia Motors (UK) Limited Managing Director Michael Cole released this statement of gratitude: “We are absolutely delighted to win this award - especially at the first attempt. It marks the culmination of several years of hard work by our designers, engineers and by our dealers…”

I would also like to congratulate Kia on their latest achievement. It is nice to see smaller companies like Kia recieve the praise they deserve after a long, uphill struggle, against giants like Audi and BWM. I’m sure that in a few years time this will be regarded as a small milestone for Kia, and that they will be one of the leading car manufacturers in the UK. Well done Kia!


Kia Skill World Cup, June 11-15

I love reading about Kia - incase you hadn’t noticed, and I’m always pleased to hear about people being noticed and rewarded for their achievements.

Last week (11-15 June) Kia held their annual Kia Skill World Cup at the Chonan Technical Service Training Center in Seoul, South Korea. The competition featured some of the best technicians from all over the world.

I would like to congratulate John French in particular for his success in the competition. He came in First Place in the UK finals in Weybridge, Surrey which allowed him to progress to the European rounds. From there he then went on to participate in the Kia Skill World Cup Competition - where he finished in an impressive 3rd place.

Although I don’t personally know John I thought he deserved special recognition as he is from the UK (he works for Grovebury Cars) and he won the UK final.

Congratulations John and good luck in future competitions!


Fuel Efficiency on a new level

So the crazy guys at Kia decided to set themselves one hell of a challenge. They claimed to have made a ridiculously fuel efficient car and they were going to prove it by setting a World Record!

Their challenge was to cross all 48 Lower US states using the least fuel possible. They rose to the challenge in the Hybrid Kia Optima and hired two expert fuel economy drivers, Wayne Gerdes and Chris Bernius.

The pair took turns and drove on average over 550 miles per day! After an almighty 14 days of intense driving they reached their destination - and were met by the invigilators from the Guinness World Records. The hybrid machine managed to use a mere 5.5 tanks of fuel throughout the duration of the drive. Amazingly, they managed a average of 1,418 miles before having to refuel.

As with all record breaking attempts there are always strict guidelines that the competitors must follow. In this attempt there were a simple few. The car had to run off gasoline and be a hybrid. Not only that, it had to carry two people and their luggage throughout the duration of the journey.

In true hero style, the record breakers we presented with their framed certificates at the celebratory closing ceremony in West Point, Georgia.

…I would personally like to congratulate both drivers and of course KIA for doing such a fantastic job. *Round of applause*


Drakey - Pro Ceed

Hi everyone - hope you are all good!

As hoped, I’ve made some good contacts on the Kia Forum! I got chatting to ‘Drakey’ the other day and he kindly agreed to let me do a post about his Pro_Cee’d (which I am really grateful of!).

This is his Pride and Joy - WOW

So, Drakey has managed to make his Kia even more gorgeous, with subtle red highlights and modifications, whilst maintaining almost all the standard components.

…The story began in 2008 when Drakey took that noble step and purchased his brand new Kia Pro_Cee’d. He wisely chose Phantom Black as his base. Since then he has done several things to make it even better.

For a cheeky bit of personalisation he has removed his Kia badge. I have only seen this done on a few cars and most of them looked bodged! When I read this I was initally shocked and couldn’t understand how he could make such a massive mistake… And then I saw the difference!

He has also kindly explained how debadge your kia.

He then went one step further and changed his front Kia badge and the chrome grille to fit in with the red and black theme. He has cleverly used red and black carbon fibre wrap to do this. I really do admire his work as this can’t have been easy!

Exterior Mods:

Rear de-badged and personalised
Chrome on front grille painted black
Kia Forum window decals
Window wind deflectors
Shortened aerial

When it comes to the interior Drakey hasn’t really altered it much from standard - and I don’t blame him! Why spoil what is already perfect?

He has added some fitted floor mats with red stitching and a hands free kit.


Fully fitted Matts

Hands-free audio connection

Some may think he is a fool. I on the other hand think he is a genius! Drakey has decided not to alter anything related to the engine and I think he has made a good decision. I test drove one of these the other week and they certainly aren’t lacking in power!

Okay, so I have a silly little 1.1 and this probably isn’t a fair comparision, but hey ho!

As you may or may not have noticed in the above picture, Drakey has put some sexy new alloys on and changed his tyres. Not only that he has also lowered his Pro slightly (-30mm) with some Eibach springs to improve ride and handing. They also fit the arch much more nicely.

His Pro is rocking some sweet 17 Inch Hijoin H286 Black with Red Ring Alloy Wheels with 205/40/17 Tyres. Need I say more?

I will leave you with one final image - Drakey’s Red & Black 08 Pro_Cee’d

As is often said Less is more.


All photos can be found on and

Thanks Drakey!

I'm sorry, you didn't make it...



….Okay, so this is only a rumour, but according to auto evolution, production of the Sedona has halted. I don’t know about you, but i’m dancing inside.

No longer will I have to see this ugly tank of a car carting team-loads of people to the shops! I’m hoping that Kia are intending to make another car like the Optima. A proper family car. Having said this, it’s highly likely that Kia are going to just make a fresh looking people carrier that doesn’t look so dated.

Whatever they decide on, I just hope it doesn’t have sliding doors! I’m all for practical and functional cars but is it really necessary to make a car that looks like a minibus?! They managed it with the Carens, so i’ll keep my fingers crossed.

Photo courtesy of

R.I.P Kia Sedona



The new Kia K9. WOW.

Kia make a BIG statement with the new K9

After my post yesterday about Kia wanting to enter the sports car market, I found this. Kia’s very own Jaguar look-a-like.


                                                                 ’Meet the K9’

The stunning K9 is being released this summer, but unfortunately only in South Korea! I’m keeping my fingers crossed that it will be a massive success, and that it will be released in the UK.

So what has this feisty little number got to offer? Well, from what I can gather (after trawling the internet), it is available in two engine sizes. The First, a 3.3 litre V6 - with nearly 300HP, and an even juicier, 3.8 litre version, with an extra 30HP. Rumour has it that Kia might even make a V8 version! It’s also going to be fitted with state of the art technology throughout. Check out the gadgets on the steering wheel!

Photo courtesy of:

Although that is only a sneak preview of what the K9 has to offer, I think it goes above and beyond what you might normally expect from a car these days.

Did I mention it comes with cruise control?! Sold me <3

So here is the latest advert, straight from Korea. (I’ll also post the video on my page).

If this doesn’t make you fall in love then I don’t know what will! I was slightly sceptical when I first heard the name, but the more I see the K9, the more I want one. Kia have finally entered the sports car market - all guns blazing!

I have no idea how it is going to be priced but I think the likes of BMW and Mercedes need to start watching their backs. There’s a new kid on the block. The Kia K9!


Kia Gossip!

Rumour has it that Kia are interested in making a sports car. YES!!

This is a story that has definitely got me excited. The thought of Kia entering the sports car market is something completely unexpected. As far as anyone knew, Kia we quite happy making their lovely little family cars and then BAM! Paul Phillpot (soon to be CEO of Kia Europe) announces that he feels Kia could and should enter the market, perhaps with a feisty little hot hatch.

For years, many people have been dreaming up their own concept cars and posting them on the internet. One of my personal favourites is this cheeky little convertible. It is supposedly based on the Mazda MX-5 but I personally think it looks a lot like an Audi A3. Regardless, I really quite like it and I think it would be a real contender in the English market.

Picture curtosey of

If Kia do make a car like the one above that would be amazing. But who knows?

The new CEO doesn’t take over until July 2012, but who knows, by July 2013 we could see a new edition to the Kia family!