It’s the middle of winter and Kia has a wicked case of wagon fever, the red hot kind. This lusty longroof is the all new Sportspace concept, which will make its official first appearance at this year’s Geneva autoshow. We are smitten.

Lt. John W. Herb of University Heights, OH, with P-51D CV-E 44-72260 “Mary Lou.” Lt. Herb enlisted on 4 November 1942 in Cambridge, MA, and flew with the 368th Fighter Squadron, 359th Fighter Group, from 23 January 1945 thru 13 April 1945, when he was KIA. He was flying “Mary Lou” on that last mission and his loss is reported in MACR 13905. He is memorialized on the Wall of Missing at the Netherlands American Cemetery.

Photo courtesy of Sid Wheeler. Archived by Char Baldridge, Historian, 359th Fighter Group Association. Posted by Janet Fogg, Author.

“We are so proud of him! John William Herb was found this past year in Germany after 70 years years missing and has been returned to Hickham Air Force Base in Hawaii. Positive identification has been made and he will be buried with full military honors this spring or summer in Arlington Cemetery in Virginia as a true American hero. We have in our possession his Purple Heart medal, his Distinguished Flying Cross Medal and three other campaign awards. This is truly an amazing find and no one ever thought he would be recovered. I think I can say that our whole family is truly touched by everyone who had a hand in his recovery; all their efforts in returning John William home are so appreciated!” ~Patti Moenich Herb


Kotaku lists 12 successful kickstarters that never delivered and conveniently omits one of the most controversial.

source: https://archive.today/pFIIE