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anonymous asked:

December 17th is my birthday so can i request a Tsuna fluff?

Ahhh, I’m so sorry I missed your birthday, but happy belated birthday dear anon! I hope you like this~ ((Writing in second person btw))

"Look Tsuna, it’s snowing!" you cheered as you pressed your face against the window, staring at the powder gently falling from the sky. Tsuna came up behind you and peeked out the window, shuddering when he saw the snow.

"Now it’s going to be cold," he muttered, drawing his hoodie a bit tighter around his body and shivering. You turned around and gave him a small hug, causing him to tense up. His face turned a bright red, still unused to your random acts of affection.

"That gives us more opportunities to cuddle, right?" you teased, staring up at him before nuzzling your face back into his chest. Tsuna’s arms awkwardly came up around your waist and rested lightly on your back. He gave you a few awkward pats before you backed off and giggled.

"Now let’s go outside and play!" you squealed before sprinting to the front hall and throwing on your coat. You yanked your fuzzy socks and snow boots on before rushing towards the door.

But before you turned the handle, Tsuna’s hand rested on your shoulder, pulling you back slightly.


When you turned around, he was standing there with a red scarf.

"You almost forgot this," he said, stepping forward and carefully wrapping the scarf around your neck, giving you a small smile when you snuggled down into it. Leaning forward, you pecked his lips quickly as thanks.

His face slowly turned bright red again when you pulled away and you let out another laugh before turning on your heel.

"Last one out is a rotten egg!"