Harikambujendra was a named of Vishnu statue displaying in National Museum of Cambodia which is a biggest Vishnu statue in Cambodia built in 6th century, Pre-Angkorian style. Harikambujendra name was taken from a stone inscription built in 12th century  in a cave at Phnom Da mountain, Angkor Borei district, Takeo province, Cambodia. The stone inscription described that Harikambujendra means the biggest Hari in Cambodia.  Hari means Vishnu, Kambu means Cambodia, and Jendra or Endra means the king of divinities.

Harikambujendra built in 3.4m high and made by sandstone with eight hands holding eight different attributes.

Conversation with my mom about her future son-in-law.
  • Me:Mom I have a new boyfriend
  • Mom:/displeased groan/ (she knows it's gonna be another korean guy lol)
  • Me:I'm done with Jay Park~
  • Me:We broke up~
  • Me:My new boyfriends name is Jackson Wang xD
  • Me:/shows picture/
  • Mom:Oii~ Jackson Wang? You mean jack sang??? Can he jack sang my car? (Jack sang means pumping gas in Cambodian xD)