Asian Adoption & Teaching Culture

One thing that probably pisses me a lot is when White parents adopt Asian kids, and attempts to raise them to their cultural heritage while growing up.

I’m okay with that. But the real problem is you might be raising that child into the wrong set of culture.

For example, in China, there are more than 56 ‘official’ ethnic groups, and more than 10 different Han Chinese languages. And in Thailand, there are many variations of the Tai languages (Including Lao) with their own set of costume, history and cuisine, and different ethnic groups, like Burmese, Malay, Cambodian, Karen, Hmong, Ahka, etc. etc.

Examples of Terrible People:

A good example is when a White family adopted a ‘Asian’ kid, and raised him up being Chinese, learning Chinese language, culture, knowing Chinese families, etc. etc.

Then it turns out the WHOLE ENTIRE TIME, their kid was actually Korean by the time he was in college.

A white family adopts a kid from the Philippines, he learns Tagalog, and goes to search his birth family, and it turns out that they don’t even speak Tagalog fluently, but a Visayan language.

Another example is this White family from Seattle that adopted a “Hmong” child as they claimed/assumed from Guizhou, China, and is seeking to raise her “Hmong” child with other Hmong-Americans.

The problem is that a MAJORITY of Hmong-Americans are from Laos & Thailand, and ALREADY in those country, they have more than 3 different dialects, and over 8 different costumes. They all have their own specific regional clothing, dialect and customs from city to city, and the fact that the White Family wants to raise their self-assumed “Hmong” daughter from Guizhou (A totally different dialect, language, costume, culture, religion, history) in a Hmong-Lao- American culture, is just outrageous. And what if the child isn’t even from Hmong decent? Then they fuck up more.

That is exactly like knowing you’re adopting a Chinese kid, and then wanting to raise them in a Japanese culture.

Teaching Culture:

It’s so pathetic about how limited their knowledge are when they choose to adopt a child from a country they barely even know or come to fully understand.

I encourage people to learn about their child’s family history, before they adopt.

If there are none provided about their birth family background, then the second best choice is to at least provide them the current political “national” language of the country, where at least they can speak the standard dialect/language, and have a chance of communicating with their birth family, if ever they chose so.

Don’t be that family who raised their son Chinese culture, and he turns out to be Korean.

Don’t be that family who is raising their self-assumed ‘Hmong’-Chinese daughter from Guizhou, and raising her in a Hmong-Lao-American community.

Harikambujendra was a named of Vishnu statue displaying in National Museum of Cambodia which is a biggest Vishnu statue in Cambodia built in 6th century, Pre-Angkorian style. Harikambujendra name was taken from a stone inscription built in 12th century  in a cave at Phnom Da mountain, Angkor Borei district, Takeo province, Cambodia. The stone inscription described that Harikambujendra means the biggest Hari in Cambodia.  Hari means Vishnu, Kambu means Cambodia, and Jendra or Endra means the king of divinities.

Harikambujendra built in 3.4m high and made by sandstone with eight hands holding eight different attributes.

always remember.

April 1975.

My family endured separation of loved ones.

Swallowed empty breaths.

Stomached rations meant to sustain them, 

Just long enough not to kill them.

Suffered abuse.

Withstood labor.

Became acquainted with hopelessness. Loneliness. 

Invasions to the spirit. Blows to the heart. Abuse to the body.

And yet, many years and miles later,

Here they still stand.

Breathing. Living. Loving.

With trauma I have never experienced,

And nightmares I could never envision.

But runs deep within my soul.

So no matter how difficult the struggle,

I must always remember.

My family taught me to be a warrior.

Surviving is in my blood.

Cambodians angered over nude photo incidents ...

SIEM REAP, Cambodia (AP) - Cambodia's most popular tourist … in Cambodia, where everyone - not only tourists but also Cambodians themselves … and all Cambodians, because outsiders will think we - Cambodian people - … a Cambodian, I am hurt … I think especially to the poor Cambodians …

today my mom talked about how she would eat a bowl of rice a day when she grew up aka actually less than a handful of rice soaked in water and how she used to have to cut the heads off live chickens and she would pray to buddha that they would be reincarnated into something better in a second life right before she’d kill every chicken and how she used to climb up huge coconut trees and steal coconuts and that she wasn’t allowed to talk about food in front of the communists

cambodia is raw as hell