The death toll in Syria has reached 93,000

May Allah grant them all the highest of heavens ameen. I can’t believe I live in a world where the majority of the population sat and watched 93,000 precious human beings go for 2 YEARS. We have to stay patient and Allah will bring justice when it’s the right time and I feel it is near ya rab. KEEP THE OPPRESSED MUSLIMEEN IN YOUR DUA❤

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15 y 37 muajajajajajajajja

15. Biggest turn ons

Contesté algo parecido el otro día, que a mi la personalidad y la forma de ser de la chica (¬¬) en cuestión es fundamental. Uno de mis problemas es que suelo tener prejucios (más de una vez he tenido que echar marcha atrás…) y si una persona se me atraganta, ya puede tener unas medidas perfectas que meh.
Y partiendo de esa base… Pues ya lo comenté. Que sea interesante, que compartamos alguna afición… Yyyyy en el plano físico y materialista no es un molde determinado. Me fijo en el pelo (moreno, pelirrojo, largo, corto… si es guay es guay), los ojos… Y así como más curioso, las espaldas. Tengo un nosequé con las espaldas xD.

37. What I find attractive in men

(Mardita…) Sexualmente nada jaja. Para llevarme bien con ellos a) tener algo en común o b) que me inviten a cerveza. Si se cumplen a y b, amigos inseparables.

EDITO: si tuviera que considerar o opinar sobre si un tío está mejor o peor que otro… Supongo que me fijaria ojos, que no esté desproporcionado (esos fenómenos de gimnasi que parecen versiones masculinas de la princesa bultos), sin peinados extraños a lo cani y no sé. Las espaldas también supongo, no sé que em pasa. Creo que tiene que ver con que me tocó hacer las disecciones de toda la musculatura de la espalda en primero y desde ahí…

EDITO 2: si sirve de algo, de mayor me gustaría aprecerme a un Hugh Laurie, Viggo Mortensen, Jeremy Irons, Eddie Vedder… me parecen tíos objetivamente atractivos

Gracias maja, si quieres más detalles sigue preguntando :p


I was just looking through some old emails from this time last year and it’s amazing how in the space of just a year, not even, that SHIT GOT SO0O0O0O0O0O0 FUCKED UP!!!!!!!!! and as I contemplate where exactly during that time shit went south, I have to wonder WHAT THE FUCK HAPPENED!!!!!!!!!!! And how far off of the now the then really was!!!!!!!! Worst part being, I’m afraid of the answer!!!!!!! Because I  remembered vividly, as I read, the feelings I was feeling back then. I would have bet my life on the speculation of a positive outcome in OUR future(S) based on the “progress” and “healing” I felt and thought were taking place!!!! (WRONG) I would have done it without question or hesitation, BUT I would actually BE dead now, (never really did make much of a gambler at HER side) instead of feeling ALL THINGS DEATH, well, except for the not waking up part. I don’t get to be dead, I just get to feel that way!!!!  But I guess the torture would be (#AINTitFUN) NO, no fun if they couldn’t see me squirm!!!!!!!!!!

                                       WHAT THE FUCK HAPPENED TO US?

                    And was it really all my doing, as I’m being led to believe?  I’d say quite impossible due to the fact that eventually   one by one I’m thrown piece by piece to the wolves by none other than “my team”!!!!!!!!!!!!

Estamos hechos de recuerdos. Y es una putada, porque todo el mundo sabe que la memoria falla y se inventa cosas que no son reales y se olvida de lo malo e idealiza lo bueno. Estamos hechos de recuerdos y por eso mismo, no somos reales.

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Mother accepts son’s death in Syria

KULIM, Sept 11, 2014:

The mother of Mohd Fadlan Shahidi Mohammad Khir who was killed in an air strike in Syria yesterday believed that her son was serious and sincere in what he was fighting for.

With that, Fatimah Md Lazim, 55, accepted the fate that befell her son.

“We did not expect such a tragedy, but we believe he was sincere in fighting for his cause in that country (Syria),” she said when met at Kampung Bukit Kabu Mahang here yesterday.

Fatimah said her son left for Syria last May 14.

“It was when he called me and said he was going to Syria, but did not say why,” she added.

She said Mohd Fadlan Shahidi was a student at Sekolah Menengah KebangsaanAgama Bukit Jelutong before continuing with his religious studies at a pondok school in Kampung Ulu Bakai here.

Mohd Fadlan, 21, is the fifth of eight siblings, comprising four
girls and four boys.

Local newspapers reported that five other Malaysians were injured in the attack, including Mohd Lofti Ariffin, said to be critically injured and still unconscious, and another known as Abu Afghan.

According to the report, Mohammad Fadlan, also known as Abu Muhajir, was the fourth Malaysian to be killed in Syria so far.

mega-midou said :  inshallah ya rabi fi blida khir inshallah qualifié !!!!

In sha Allah ! fi blida tkoun la pelouse mliha nchallah ! Mekench kima les match fi bledna ! dima les meilleurs !