I defriended a Facebook pal this weekend who frequently shared Islamophobic new atheist rhetoric. The particular piece he shared was railing against the burqa, but the girl depicted was actually wearing a shawl. Here’s a quick rundown of various methods of dress for Muslim women, showing that holy shit there’s a lot of diversity and a reminder that actually a ton of Muslim women don’t choose to wear any sort of covering whatsoever.

Atheism is a fine philosophy to adopt. Just make sure you’re not using it to hide behind your hatred.

Do you dress to attract people that you will never like?
Do you dress for people that at the end of the day won’t like your guts?
Do you dress for people that just curious about you but don’t waste a single second to care about you?

Let us have a moment to think. Do we dress for our God?

A home-made 950x534 “Got Hijab?” poster using Photoshop.

I got the shady muslimah picture by googling it.

I got an inspiration from an old poster which says “got milk?” on it with a fictional or real character holding a glass of milk and got their upper lips whitened. I think it’s some sort of campaign that persuades you to drink milk for a health reason. You can Google it for more.

Click on the picture to download (right click and save as).

Available on 1366x768 size. You can download it here.