Dirk agreed quickly, and Dave came and crouched beside him, holding the screen so he could see it. He brought up a long stream of pictures with a few taps, starting to swipe through them as he commented on the composition of each one in turn. Dirk was just happy looking at them. He didn’t often spend time actually looking at himself, in mirrors and such, so it was pleasant to see his body and remind himself of how him he looked. He emotional his expressions were. How unique he had actually been made.

Fan art of NLT!Dirk from my fic For The Album given to me by the lovely Dareedse(ee). <3

You have him snarl at you, shove close enough he could reach out and gut you if he was fast enough.  You try to feel that aching dislike in your chest.

It just won’t come.

For my 1000th follower, Khemi! :D Who wanted some mind-control blackrom.  This took forever, I’m sorry. UwU I hope this is acceptable unto you.  

so khemi and I just came up with an AU (?) where when gavin gets aroused his nose grows bigger and whenever he’s around ryan his nose grows a little bigger, they notice, but no one catches on. so one day when geoff and gavin are dicking around, they look at some hot chicks because why not and gavin’s nose grows and geoff just clicks like “HOLY DICKS YOU’RE GAY FOR RYA N” and gavin just screeches and denies it but then everyone finds out apart from ryan so whenever ryan says something sexal to gavin, his nose grows and the room just bursts into laughter but ryan is always like ??????? and when it comes to RTX, they make sure gavin is next to ryan and fans comment on his nose being bigger and jack pays ryan to say something sexual to gavin and when he does gavin just /dies/ inside with his nose growing and jack films it and ryan eventually catches on and the first thing he does is walk up to gavin and kiss him on the nose because sopPY SHIT

The creation of the fabled philosopher’s stone possessing powers including the capability of turning base metals into the noble metals gold or silver- as well as an elixir of life conferring youth and immortality

The struggle some Empresses go through during the spring/summer. The moment when you’re not concerned about how many men died from each twist they made with their necks.
How can the sun taunt man through the glow in your skin? how can melanin taunt man with oils of pheromone moisturizing the skin? how can black gold shine in the sun and a treasure chest you wear to hold all the goods when it too feels the pain of the men you’ve killed by stepping out in the sun.. And as for the hair?

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