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Does anyone remember the painfully gorgeous songs written for The Sidhe way back when?  Well, these ladies are the stunning talent behind those songs, and if they get enough likes on this video they will be able to attend LeakyCon!  

These guys are Klainers and Potterheads, and they are insanely talented and super nice, and really passionate about their fandoms. It would mean the world to them (and it would mean a lot to me too), to win this contest.

  • Mistaken
  • Shauna Carrick
  • Little Numbers

Mistaken ~ A song from Blaine to Kurt inspired by Little Numbers by heartwolf.

Lyrics by Kathy Moore

Music and performed by Shauna Carrick

Download Link ~

So this song is one inspired by the fabulous fic. Warning: fluff overdose can be found here. We were spurred on by the wonderful Ellie who wrote her own Little Numbers song which if you haven’t heard yet, you really should. Lyrics will be posted as a reblog in a minute!

  • Nowhere To Belong
  • Shauna Carrick
  • Go Your Own Way

Nowhere To Belong - A song from Kurt to Blaine inspired by Go Your Own Way by the amazing Zane.

Music and performed by Shauna Carrick

Lyrics by Kathy Moore


Finally, a song that has taken a ridiculously long time to write has been completed! And just in time for Zane’s birthday! This finally clicked this morning and I really hope you enjoy it.


I see who you are

Behind the words and the leather

And I can see the boy

Who once longed to be better

The little boy who lost his mom

The little boy who was so wronged

I see it all


This is the beginning

Of a new life for you

And a new life for me


Who would have thought

That I would fall in love with you

So rude, so crude and so wrong

But now here we are

And we’ve come so far

And I can see who you were all along

The boy with nowhere to belong

We fought, I know

We tried to run away

From all that we’re feeling

But we both know it was a lie

And we both know we couldn’t hide

I see it now



After all the pain

Left with so much to gain

It’s easy now to say I love you

And I hope you can go your own way

But I hope you stay

And I’ll hold me word true

I just wanna be with you


Chorus x2

From the boy with nowhere to belong

Well now you belong

You belong

Kathy's Song
  • Kathy's Song
  • Shauna Carrick
  • Happy Birthday Kathy

Well hello there lovely Tumblr folks! Some of you may or may not know that today, 21 years ago, a beautiful person was born. Her name is Kathy (also known as treeofseasons) and she is my best friend. There aren’t enough words to describe how much this girl means to me, so in our traditional Khauny way, I have decided to post this present here and I really hope that she likes this.  

Kathy, I love you. I am so glad you are in my life. Happy Birthday gurl. <6

Everyone should follow Shauna, because she's awesome.
  • If you like me, you’ll like her too as we’re basically the same person. Fact.
  • She’s really talented, smart, funny and uber adorable.
  • She ships Klaine like a boss. And she loves Darren Criss. Starkid. Glee. Harry Potter. Doctor Who. All around nerd fangirl.
  • I love her :3
  • We’re planning on writing a musical about how epic our friendship is…which may or may not involve a plot of us cloning Darren so we both have him. And John Barrowman helping us.
  • She’s going to Leakycon in the summer :D *is insanely jealous*
  • Did I mention I love her?
  • She follows back!
  • Also she’s an epic sugar bowl :D

So go follow Shauna :D

I’ll love you forever.