TBT. I was suffering from sleep paralysis a while back. This was due to a lot of stress from work. At one point I dreamt I was lying in my couch screaming and screaming without being able to hear my voice, and then waking up in dripping in cold sweat. For me that was a big wake up call to start rethinking my life. 

I painted this as a reminder to never, ever get that stressed and lost in a never ending spiral of negativity again.

I hope you all are having an amazing week so far!

/ Prakash

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Shaykh Khatri performs Wudu With Pure Chain *RARE VIDEO* Shaykh Khatri performs wudu in a very rare video which shows the spirituality and ibadah of wudu. It was filmed around the year 2000 and students still benefit The wudu is From the Maliki Fiqh….