The last thing a wife would wanna do is rushing to the hospital after or in between matches. I thot it’s gonna be fine after the game. 😱 NO! Went to Raffles Hospital he took his X-ray hmmm result still not satisfying, so went for CT-Scan, erm… 1 hour later he said his cheek is fracture! The elbowed hit his maxillary sinuses … ouch!! Anyway he was suppose to stop playing, right after he was hit but this Stubborn Super Striker continue playing till 90min! Nevertheless, speedy recovery my love.

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Happy 29th Birthday to the most wonderful husband! I hope you love the lil surprise we’ve done for you awhile ago.. many many more birthdays with you and our kids ahead.. may Allah swt bless you always with good health and wealth.. stay away from injuries inshaa allah that’s important! I love you my one and only Khairul Amri! #khairulamrifamily #khairulamri #khalieshwafi #rifalmatin #evakamrifamily #thekhairulez #bonding @khairulamri19