30 Days of.... Day 27.


Favorite fan art.

I was just browsing around. This is sexy.

Loving those KH girls. <3


Is there anything related to YGO that you treasure and hold dear to you?

Uhh, probably not. Just the 5D’s Anime. I love it. It really made me the duelist I am today. Other than the fact that I’m a seasoned veteran (10 years of playing), this anime stuck to me.

Kingdom hearts 30 Day Challenge, Day 4
Character You Are Most Like: Ventus
Ventus is a character with a very playful and curious mind. He's very outgoing and ready to help when he gets the chance.
The majority of the time, though, he's rejected on his chances of doing so. Usually when he gets past the rejection and gets to do what he wishes to do, whether he made it sneakily or he was told to do it, he can screw up, and end up being scolded.
In the end of everything, he tries his best to get on the right pathOut of all of these things, Ventus's personality and actions are very similar to mine. 
30 Days of.... Day 25.


Favorite gaming system to play kingdom hearts on.

PS2. It feels the most natural. Even though I really enjoy BBS, I wouldn’t mind it if they ported it to PS2 or PS3.


If you could have any of the powers shown in YGO, what one would you have?


30 Days of.... Day 17.


Favorite Intro.

Well. They’re basically the same. But I like Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep’s. It’s really awesome.

Check it out:


What’s your favorite deck you’ve seen used in the show?

DM: Kaiba’s Blue Eyes deck. It seemed like he was ALWAYS making a deck around it. IT was pretty bad ass. Man loves his Blue Eyes.

GX: Atticus’s/Nightshroud’s Red-Eyes Deck. The darkness took him over and it was given to him in the form of a Red-Eyes Deck.

5D’s: It’s a tie between the Red Demon’s Dragon Deck of Jack’s or Rua’s Deformer deck. It’s too hard to choose!

30 Days of.... Day 3.


Least Favorite Character

To be honest, I don’t have a character to hate in Kingdom Hearts. Everyone is seriously likable, even the evil characters (in their own way), so I really don’t have anyone to pick… If I had to choose…

It would be Kairi. Really, since KH1, she’s been absolutely useless, outside of that part in KH2 where she fought for like a scene or 2. Even in the non-canon Dead Fantasy, she gets one part and that’s that. As sexy as she is, she’s still useless.

Seriously, Kairi. You’re plot driver now…

Which is bad, by the way. Hopefully, by KH3, or maybe even in KH:DDD, you’ll be doing SOMETHING.


Not counting the character you just named, favorite male and female character?

Oh psh, that’s easy!

This guy to the left is bad ass. Protecting your sister without supernatural powers from people that have supernatural powers is totally fucking bad ass. Then you get those supernatural powers, and from then, you’re just an epic of bad ass. Not to mention, you’re awesome after the time skip..

Runner up is Bruno/ Dark Glass. For obvious reasons: He has one of my favorite Archetypes, he saved Yusei’s ass, and he gave him a fighting chance. In addition, he gave us Accel Synchro Summoning! And I teared when he died…


Sherry LeBlanc. Really, your character has always intrigued me. You had something you were fighting for and you weren’t going to stop until you got it. Even when you jumped to the other side, I still didn’t hate you. I just wish you dueled more. In all honesty, my favorite female in the series is Carly Nagisa, but I figured she’d get enough mention throughout the rest of this anyways.


30 Days of.... Day 20.


Character I would cosplay as.

Riku. I’m too tall to be Ven, and it would be a bit awkward. Riku is tanner than usual since he’s been lingering in the darkness. Ventus is nothing but light, so it might be a bit off for me.


Dub or Subs.


There’s only one exception to that, and most people say it - DM. DM was how most people started Yu-Gi-Oh!, and it was actually decent.

GX needed subs because Dub stopped after 2nd season. Load of bullshit.

5D’s SUBS. PERIOD. Jesus, Dub of this show is nothing but utter shit.

30 Days of.... Day 26.


favorite official art.

Badass motherfucker right here.


    Do you have any YGO video games? If so, which ones do you have and have you enjoyed them?

I have a few. I’ve had Dark Duel Stories for the GBC… god I hated that game. Eternal Duelist Soul was a big step up from it on GBA. Then Worldwide Edition Stairway to the Destined Duel for GBA as well. Then we have Tag Force, Tag Force 2, Tag Force 4 and Tag Force 5 all for the PSP. I’m waiting for Tag Force 6 now.

30 Days of.... Day 8.


Most difficult boss battle.

Xaldin. Really. First things first. FUCK YOU. You made frustrated beyond hell. I don’t even want to talk about you. I’ve killed everyone in KH as easy as hell, BUT YOU. You give me problems. Seriously pisses me off.

Not even Sephiroth is more annoying than you.


How did you get into *Insert series here; if all, just put Yu-Gi-Oh in general*?

Yu-Gi-Oh! DM: Uhh, well, it happened due to my nephew 10 years ago. He came over to spend the night, and the next morning he was watching this show. I watched it with him. Been a fan ever since.

Yu-Gi-Oh! GX: I wasn’t thinking I was going to watch this, but sooner or later I just started watching it on Cartoon Network’s Meguzi because it started them from the beginning. Jaden turned out to be a pretty interesting main, and I actually really liked the E-Heroes.

Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D’s: Oddly enough, I didn’t even want to start watching this. When I saw the characters playing the game on motorcycles, I was like: ‘No.’ However, my friend had started watching it, and the 1st arc was just ending (so up to episode 26). During Spring Break of 2009, I watched the episodes back to back to back, getting up to the newly released 27 (showing the first Dark Synchro Monster). Since that happened, I’ve been watching 5D’s. And it’s been my favorite. Best plot to me.

Yu-Gi-Oh! ZeXal: Didn’t I tell you I wasn’t watching this?

30 Days of.... Day 4.


Character you are most like.

Riku. I’m much too mysterious to be Ven — whom, doesn’t know much about himself in the first place. I’m also very quiet and I come off as quite serious. That is, until you get to know me. But I know when to get things done, and I don’t mind tainting myself to do so. In addition, I’d do anything for my friend’s sake, even if it meant the end of me.


And what about your least favorite characters, of both genders?


I fucking hate Divine. End of story.

For females, it’s Aki. Let me put it bluntly.

You started with a personality that was outrageously different, but then you went 2 dimensional again.

Said personality only came back when said above individual that got punched in the face was around. After that, you got dull.

Well, besides your lesbianism with Sherry in 72. That was hot.