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Will Mickey die in KH3? Pt 2

So forever ago before I started RPing I did a major post about the possibility of Mickey dying in KH3. Here’s a link to it. And now that I’ve played all the games and done more thinking, I’ve come to realize something…

Despite the impact to the story for the “brightest light” to fall with the “deepest darkness” theme, odds are Disney would not be on board with the idea of Mickey Mouse dying…. so like they did before, Square will have to be tricky.

How do I mean? Well, in KH1 you ever wondered why Mickey only appeared in the end of the game? Sure it made a powerful ending to the game, but that wasn’t the original intention. The reason why we got that ending to begin with is because Disney didn’t want the game to stand on its own without using Mickey as an advertisement (correct me if I’m wrong). Basically, they didn’t want Mickey to be used too much so Disney decided that Mickey could only appear in one cutscene and they expected that cutscene to involve Mickey to be a background character waving in an audience.

So when they were presented with the ending we got, it forced Disney to be more open to using their mascot for future games and the personality changes that came with it.


Now why is that important? Well it proves that Square can use restrictions to their advantage. Since Mickey could only be used for one scene, they could of easily made Mickey “hidden” (haha see what I did there?) but instead, they decided to make him the most important aspect of the first game. And with that aspect, Square was granted to influence his character in a more realistic light. If KH didn’t exist, would you imagine Mickey going on a 3 game revenge hunt for the man who basically killed his three friends? Nah, didn’t think so. 

So how does this matter with the idea of King Mickey “not” dying in KH3? Having him survive would be a good thing, right?

Ah, but if we consider the impact on the series thanks to Disney’s restrictions, sure we can speculate that Mickey will survive… and that maybe he will be one of the only survivors of the keyblade war.

He may survive… but only to witness the other lights die around him. Throughout the entire series, all Mickey wants is to find his friends and stop darkness from destroying the worlds, but over time Xehanort has been dashing those hopes. Because Xehanort has slowly been tearing his world apart figuratively. Because of Xehanort, Mickey’s friends are still missing, Ansem the Wise is dead, he hasn’t been able to see his family/friends for at least a year, he’s been forced to travel alone to search aimlessly for a way to stop the darkness as stars/worlds go out above him, and now he’s faced with the idea that what basically killed his friends might happen again. But that’s his world being dashed in a figurative sense… how about we delve into a more literal speculation?

It’s still unknown why darkness has gotten to his world since the Cornerstone of Light is supposed to be protecting it. But maybe it’s building up to something even more haunting.

Mickey seems to be the only person Xehanort acknowledges as an equal. In KH3DDD during the confrontation near the end of the game, Xehanort’s promise to meet at the Keyblade Graveyard seems to be directed at Mickey personally. After all, out of all the lives Xehanrot has ruined, Mickey is the only “survivor.” Mickey slipped away and is one of the only people who has been fighting the man since the very beginning.


The series has been building up to an Xehanort vs Mickey fight since BBS, but all the effects on Mickey since that game has been on the back burner in terms of storytelling. What could bring that confrontation out in the open?

Square will have to be tricky like they did before. What can bring the devastation needed for a greater conflict between Xehanort and Mickey? How about the destruction of Mickey’s own kingdom? See, if Lea could get into Mickey’s world using darkness in KH3DDD and heartless appeared in the castle in KH2, that could only imply that the Cornerstone isn’t working. And you’d think Mickey would be concerned about it, but all that matters to him is defeating Xehanort. Could Xehanort be using that determination as a distraction? What if during KH3 as Mickey is fighting in the Keyblade War, Xehanort sends one of his 13 members to Mickey’s world on the orders to destroy it?

See, Mickey most likely will survive the Keyblade War thanks to Disney’s restrictions…. who’s to say his world is safe however? And if death can be shown “offscreen” who’s to say that any of the citizens are safe too?

That’s how the greatest light can fall. Mickey’s fighting so darkness will never come to his world, but at each turn he’s constantly faced with failure. But up to this point he’s hidden it very well, but if Xehanort does this during the keyblade war, that could be the incident to set the King off into a despair powerful enough to forge the X-blade.

And with signs of that ultimate failure slowly forming in KH2 (with the heartless appearing in the castle) and in DDD (with people able to use dark portals to get there), we might have been building up to that confrontation between the greatest light and darkness without even realizing it. 

Ahhh after all those years I can’t believe I’ve finally drawn them… I’m so happy! For some reason I have the biggest trouble drawing things from my childhood, because I’m always afraid I won’t do them any justice. Well, time to suck it up!

I freaking love Kingdom hearts. Time to play the 2.5 remix!
Drawn with pencil/paper and edited in photohop.