By @makeitfunnyc “By @theropekillas ”#KFOTD Back Again!!! After a long hiatus… It’s the Professor @sgbullets finally picking up a rope again. Gotta shed the vacay lbs I picked up! I’m a little rusty as you can see… 😎 #theropekillas #sgbullets #rootsoffight #flyknitroshe" via @PhotoRepost_app" via @PhotoRepost_app

KFOTD : after my parents passed away, i ate the same thing every day until i moved from our house in ohio: rice wrapped in seaweed and american pears. american pears because we always had the korean kind. every night my aunt would cut them up for me before i went to sleep. i was just reminded of this because my aunt gave me one today.


By @theropekillas “#KFOTD- @rob_babe_ardo here. Second day in a row! Definitely tried putting more power off my right foot and pushed myself to try to regain some of my old speed. Not too bad! Criss crosses, double unders, triple unders, and rope releases for you all, enjoy!” via @PhotoRepost_app


This vid’s for my buddy Jopri ‘cause i lost the first footy of him doin’ this combo. xP
But he actually does it better in this one! =] 


Sweets Kendamas Bangers Entry | Frying Pan | Aldrin Eseque

So I entered a contest one day..


No shit.


Chris Do | Kendama Tutorial | Downspike Whirlwind

Geez. So busy nowadays that it took forever to even get this simple tutorial done. lol, anywhoo, have fun watching and give it a shot yourself if you play ‘dama.


I had an amazing time filming with this guy. Loads of fun jam sessioning while gettin’ shii done.

Marco Vega. Peep at the first edit. He’s good. >:]


Imada Hiromu: Portrait of a Kendama Sensei

The dama-famous, internationally-known WKT & KROM superstar friend of mine, Matthew Ballard, does kendama some justice once more. Absolutely loved this.


The movement has begun in Sacramento. No longer is it the little leagues. If you’re looking for the real deal in kendama competition from the West coast, here’s where it’s at. In a collaborative effort with Elk Grove local comic shop, Metropolis Comix, the community of SacKendama pushed the limits to an upper playing ground. 

Being the first of many battles to come, The Uprising proved to provide the same level of fun and excitement you would get from a grassroots kendama event while raising the stakes. Players from all over the area, both new and current, have gathered to take a huge step in spreading the awareness of kendama and the positivity it brings to people. With well over 500+ people in attendance, we have proven that kendama is indeed the coolest thing around!

The Uprising is the first premier kendama lifestyle event in Sacramento which provided full authenticity to back up its introduction to the professional playing ground. The scene only gets bigger from here on out. =]

Coverage filmed and edited by: Aldrin Eseque
Additional footage provided by: Austin Acacio
Additional camera gear support provided by: Jhun Bassi
Music by: Last Dinosaurs

Special Thanks to…

The Judges:
- Sokthea Chan (recorder)
- Alex Ramos
- Darren Chan
- Soktu Chan
- Anthony Lam
- Geoffrey Gacilan
- Miguel Cardenas

- Mark Hill

Additional Assistance:
- Ryan Koi Miyai

- DJ Fresh (Jonathan Rivas)

Our Sponsors:
- Metropolis Comix [http://www.metropoliscomix.com/]
- Kendama USA [http://www.kendamausa.com/]
- The Kengarden [http://www.thekengarden.com/]
- SCB Kendama Club



Parents took too long at a timeshare meeting. Thus, this.


Take note. A pull-up spike is all it takes to get 2+ million views.



Dat new hunter green 5-hole Tribute Kendama from Kendama USA. >:]

Coming February 2012


Matt Ballard | KROM 7-Split Zebra

Gat dayum.


Satoru Kubota

Crazy dama style, combo executions, and music synchronization! Definitely one for the bookmarks.


Siiick new Yumu Kendama i got from The Kengarden. Support ‘em[;

For more short clips i do, check out my Kendama Footage of the Day (Note that these videos are not a daily habit for me. It’s actually very random whenever i post these. HA). Enjoyizzles. =]

It just goes to show that an early start from the countdown without mistakes (victor) and a mistake on one move (me) can make or break the difference in a win.

No more messing up from here on out! Next battle get ready!


Kendama Thingymabobber!

Props to my cousin @caithnessism for the camerawork &commentary. x]


Chris Do - Kendama Co - Pro Entry

Back at it again! Peep at the hard work my friend Chris has been putting onto his tricks to outdo himself. Crazy talent. We put out his second edit just recently, but he really wanted to showcase his current skills (since his second edit is filled with footage that spans over a whole year). This Pro sponsorship contest couldn’t have been any more than perfect timing. >:]