Even though

your miles apart from me, and I have a significant other. You’ll always mean something to me. We’ve gotten so close to each other for the past couple of weeks. You’ve grown to someone I really can’t live without. You make me smile, laugh, cry, and help me get through the night, literally. I really didn’t expect to be so close to someone like this, especially whose 1,172 miles from me. Kevin Fongdara, even though there is a big gap between us, you’l always be one of my bestest friends. We’ve had some great and funny conversations, and I’m glad I shared them with you:). Also I’m very sorry for falling asleep on you at the last minute right before I was supposed to and wanted to be the first to say Happy Birthday, yet I failed.

Anyways, I love you Girlfraaaan ~

P.S. You owe me some Ice Cream:) <3