lights and k.flay interviewing each other for “in bed with”


Get It Right | K.Flay (x)

I wanna stay sincere, but that kind of thing is tricky
When you give up all yourself and still the end result is iffy
So now I wanna do stupid shit, I wanna get fucking plastered
Want to get out my brain, want to shed my skin

K.Flay - Wishing It Was You

This is my theme song

You put both your arms around me
Said your glad you found me
But only as friend
My broken heart is pounding

Maybe I’m just selfish
But baby, I can’t help
Look me in the eyes
and say you never felt it

When it’s easy for you, then there’s always room for me, but when you got some plans, a place to be i’m a throw out ad in a magazine, you could do wrong, you could do wrong, like hundred times, but i’ll always search the scene for ways to rationalize…. You’re making my will weak, this pit in my chest, told me all about her then you swallowed those words and snuck in my bed.
—  K.Flay