• Tris:Feel my heartbeat?
  • Four:Yes.
  • Tris:Feel how steady it is?
  • Four:It's fast.
  • Tris:Yes, but that is not because of the stimulation.
  • ...
  • Me:Hyperventilates
  • Me:Curls up into a ball
  • Me:Cries
  • Me:*makes dying whale noise*
  • Me:I can't even
  • Me:what are feelings
  • Me:*crys for 7 days*

minwoo - taxi

for theresagray-rp

The demon had spent the past hour scouring the Institute for Tessa. He’d just heard that the girl had shown up again, and he needed someone besides Magnus to be able to say that he was Will Herondale - otherwise, people would doubt him, no matter what he said. Having one warlock trust him was good, but two was much better.

By the time he found her, he was completely lost, and he had no idea what room he was now in. Even so, there was Tessa Gray, plain as day before him - he recognized her from Will’s memories. “Tessa,” he greeted almost lightheartedly, in stark contrast to how he acted before most around the Institute. Acting as he wished wouldn’t help any in getting her to believe who he said he was, after all.