Hide Tumblr’s New Picture Frame Ads

Hi friends, I’m sure there’s already posts going around with the fix, but I haven’t seen it yet, so here’s the custom Adblock Plus filters I set up for it.

  1. Just click on your Adblock Plus app on your browser
  2. Open “Filter preferences…”
  3. Click on “Custom filters”
  4. Click on “Add filter group” and maybe name it “Block Tumblr Ads” or something (or select a previous existing group)
  5. Open your extended menu on the right hand side of the Custom Filters screen
  6. Click “Add filter”
  7. Add: www.tumblr.com##div.yam-plus-header
    This will get rid of the $ sign that indicates an ad
  8. Add: www.tumblr.com##div.yam-plus-ad-container
    This will get rid of the picture frame.

As long as they’re checked as Enabled, they should take affect right away!

(If you haven’t already, also add www.tumblr.com##.takeover-banner-link to your list as well.)

Please share if this helped you, so you can help others!

Larry Coke Commercial
  • Louis:friendship is about always being there for each other
  • Harry:and friendship can lead too many great adventures.
  • Camera men:*zoom in on Harry and Louis*
  • Harry:and sometimes it can lead to great uniques experiences.
  • Louis:example; 1st kiss, first time,
  • Harry and Louis:*walk closer towards each other*
  • Larry:first love *camera zooms in*
  • Larry:*kiss*
  • Ladies:*dead*