Are wonderous.


Little boys who wear relatively subtle star wars shirts and twiddle their thumbs.

Broodingly handsome not-so-little boys who work in key shops.

George Clooney as Fantastic Mr. Fox.

Fantastic Mr. Fox.

Children who read, because they want to.

People who save the term ‘pathetic’ only for very special occasions.

People who don’t talk, ever, unless it is absolutely vital to their very existence on this earth.

Artists who don’t use the word 'interesting’.


i think u use the same letter of ur name cool

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•What’s your name: kellie
•Four letter word: kale
•Boys name: Keith
•Girls name: Kira
•An occupation: Keysmith
•Something you wear: Karma
•An actor / celebrity: Kiera Knightly
•why were you late to class? Killed
•song/band name/ album: Kanye
•noise an animal makes: KEEEEEEEE
•drink: …kale juice??
•word in another language: ?? ?? ? ?
•type of car:  n o
•Character from a tv show/movie: i lite rallly
•Emotion: KRABBY wait no
•something you can scream: KNITTING 
•person you love who’s name starts w/ the letter that comes after yours in the alphabet: luke gurgley <33

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