Courtesy of Juliana (JRod) from the Rocky Mountain District! Take a minute this Thanksgiving to thank your LTG! :) They love each and every one of you Key Clubbers, and they’ll love you even more if you show your gratitude for everything they do!

Happy Thanksgiving, Key Club! You truly make a difference, all day erry day!

My compilation of cnh mascots :D

D1 Foxes
D2 Kiwis
D3N Starfish
D3S Wolves
D4N Otters
D4E Goldfish
D4W Dragons
D5N Lemmings
D5S Trojans
D6N Penguins
D6S Polar Bears
D7N Bees
D7S Monsters
D8 Ballers
D10N Ninja Turtles
D10S Blue Turtles
D11 Dolphins
D12E Super Heroes
D12W spartans
D12S Super Villains
D13N Green Monkeys
D13S Ninjas
D14 Robots
D15 Giraffes
D16 White Tigers
D18 Dancing Cows
D19N Pirate Penguins
D19S Beastie Bunnies
D20 Tsunamis
D21 Hippos
D22 Menehunes (Hawaii)
D23 Yetis
D24 Zebras
D25E Koalas
D25W Pufferfish
D26N Yangs
D26S Yins
D27N Grizzlies
D27S Koi Fish
D28W Seamonkeys
D28S Pandas
D28N Phoenixes
D29 Garden Gnomes
D30 Purple Dinosaurs
D30N Purple Rhinos
D30S Suns
D31 Robots with Hearts
D32 Purple Dinosaurs
D33 Jumping Monkeys
D34N Aqua Apes
D34S Purple Penguins
D35W Seals
D35E Elephants
D36E Raccoons
D36W Huskies
D37N Cheetahs
D37S Red Bulls
D38W Robots
D38E Dinos
D39 Octopi
D40N Rhinos
D41N Lions
D41S Frogs
D42W Orcas
D42E Narwhals
D43 Tigers
D44N Green Ninjas
D44S Dinosaurs
D45 Jokers
D46N Red Pandas
D46S Kangaroos
D47 Kraken