ALRIGHTY! Another update picture for you all. So junior council had a laser tag fundraiser, surprisingly we actually made money and surprisingly I had a ton of fun! It was my first time playing laser tag, so I wasn’t exactly the best at it, but I thoroughly enjoyed myself with great people. I also got chipotle and cold stones which is always very fun. Also this weekend was SO much fun spending time with keyclubbers from other schools. At the December DCM, I bonded much more with Jared and thang as well as go to play with cute dogs and drink yummy boba. DCM was pretty chill, nothing too special, but I got to spend more time with my key club which is always a blast. Working at the chatsworth parade that Kiwanis hosted was probably the highlight of my weekend. Not only did I eat a delicious burrito but I got to bond with so many other keyclubbers throughout my division. I became closer with Michael lee and Tyler and Jemmy and Giselle and I’m just really happy that I am friends with such amazing people. I’m so glad I have all of senior year to bond even more with these fun individuals.

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omg i don't follow you on ig but i've come across your profile and i didn't think i would be following a fellow keyclubber on tumblr

heheh yes i’m in key club!! d37e jellyfishes are the best ((-;