SHINee  in Thailand (No Spoiler)

So apparently we all know that SHINee is filming something in Thailand (although we cannot confirm what it is) but we also all know that whatever related to their work cannot be shared, otherwise not only the fans but SHINee will be in trouble. However, there are some fan accounts which are unrelated to the filming that I may be able to share with you guys. As the title suggests, there is 100% no spoiler in here :D


- SHINee kept their filming location a secret, but yeah, some fans discovered and showed up. Other fans were afraid that fans who did would cause troubles but the majority of them were actually pretty calm and well-mannered. They kept distance.

- Guards were nice too. Some fans took photos but when staffs told them not to do so and to delete them they agreed.

- SHINee’s filming location was not made public on the internet. Fans were very cautious and collectively tried to take down any photo or fan account that would ruin SHINee’s work. 

- Fans said that SHINee ate a lot xD. They enjoyed eating pretty much everything and when they saw fans waving snacks at them from a far, they told one staff that they wanted to eat the those too lol. The staff though came to talk to fans and fans decided to buy snacks and food for SHINee using their money. Other food support was also sent to SHINee.

- Almost all talks and fan accounts shared on twitter were about food and whether SHINee were eating well. Fans all acted like Asian moms who always made sure their kids were well fed lol.

- Apparently Key was taste-testing everything fans sent to SHINee.

- They also said SHINee were all quite pale, even Minho.

- Key did indeed carry a mirror around lol. Jinki and Taemin were quite cheerful even in the hot weather. Taemin carried a small personal fan around. Jonghyun was quite thin. They were all handsome. 

- Fans said Taemin was manly lol.

- When fans asked bystanders whether they saw SHINee, they said ‘you mean those with colorful hairs?’ lol. One ahjumma who sold fruits around the filming area (and to SHINee) told fans that Minho was the most handsome one. She also called Taemin ‘the little one/that little boy’. So cute :,D


- SHINee was filming indoor today so there wasn’t much fans could see.

- Talks on twitter were all about food again. Fans sent a lot of food support today. Thai fans were indeed the Asian moms lol.

- Guards and staffs were more serious and strict today.

- Minho ate the ice-cream fans sent to them even when it already melt TT-TT.

- Another ahjusshi working at the spot called Taemin ‘the little one/that little boy’ again lmao. This kid was so adored by the elders yet he probably didn’t even know it. However, ahjusshi called Minho ‘that tall dude’.

- If Taemin is the little one, what about Jonghyun? :,D

- On both days the filming finished not very late, which was a good thing since the temperature was very high in Thailand and the boys definitely needed some rest.

Credit: Twitter 

Translation Compilation of Fanaccounts of Shinee in Thailand 150419-20

150419 shinee were extremely cheerful esp when the fans were screaming. there were female extras (actresses/models) and most didnt know shinee. (cr: bromhk)

150419 - in the morning, jonghyun was drinking thai iced tea from the food cart. he was singing too. (cr: bromhk)

150419 shinee in thailand - taemin was really energetic as he was singing when he’s continuously walking around the set. meanwhile key keeps looking at himself in the mirror often hahaha (cr: bromhk)

150419 shinee in thailand - onew and taemin walked in front of the fans as they waited in the filming set. taemin’s clothes were so big that he looked like a kindergartner.
onew and taemin were extremely bright! onew’s hair is pink, taemin’s hair is violet/purple into white. taemin was singing and dancing to call me baby (cr: bromhk)

150419 shinee in thailand - shinee kept on buying fruits from the food cart.
key would go outside to eat then go back in again (?)
minho kept on fiddling with his handphone, sitting in an airconditioned car.
key tried to say ‘thai crab curry’ in thai. (cr: bromhk)

150419 shinee in thailand - key was eating pork and rice (something of thai cuisine) and would look at the mirror while eating! (cr: bromhk)

150419 shinee in thailand - the staffs who were right beside shinee called out the fans and told them not to yell. taemin waved his hand at the fans while jonghyun waved at them as he was walking (cr: bromhk)

150419 shinee in thailand - jonghyun and minho walked together for a bit then came back right after. onew and taemin are always seen a lot of times. taemin also said that he wanted to eat thai crab curry.
a staff gave key water and he expressed his gratitude in thai (cr: bromhk)

150419 key was exclaiming “oh traffic jam, hurry hurry!” “watermelon smoothie, quickly quickly!” key always finishes his sentences with the words “hurry/quickly” (cr: bromhk)

150419 shinee in thailand - #1 a fan who came brought bento (a thai snack).
taemin saw it first; right then, jonghyun and the other members have discovered about the bento snack the fan brought as well

#2 fans: “if you want this, come and take it”
they kept on shaking the snack (as to tease) and shinee would keep on going back.

taemin poked and talked to their manager, and their manager and the other staffs started laughing. a coordi wanted to bring the bento (to shinee) but a different coordi disapproved of it

#3 while resting, key was chatting with a coordi, and the five of them were all saying “i(we) want one of that!” but still none (of the staffs) went to get the bento snack.

in a little while, the thai staffs told the fans that shinee wanted to eat the said snack. then the fans willingly bought the snack for them (and also bought taro milk tea for them). they were really cute!! their faces when they were wanting the snacks were like of children!!! especially taemin! (cr: bromhk)

150419 shinee in thailand - as shinee’s car passed by, the light illuminated the inside of it; taemin and key were sitting right next to each other. they were very happy and kept taking selcas among the other members (cr: bromhk)

150420 shinee in thailand - (my dad says) the staffs for today came from japan. theyre filming shinee for a behind the scene footage that’s why they came. (cr: jemeeni, bromhk)

150420 shinee in thailand - because thailand is about 33°C, taemin’s holding his red mini fan while onew was holding a pink one! (cr bromhk)

150420 shinee in thailand - shinee are filming in a studio! the staffs asked the fans who were they waiting for. they couldn’t see anyone else except the pink haired guy(onew). (cr: bbeery_alcohol, bromhk)

150420 shinee in thailand - the staffs went outside and asked the fans if they have food support theyre planning to give to shinee. shinee looked like they’re really hungry lol (cr myjk, bromhk)

150420 shinee in thailand - good tidings! thai fans bought kfc chicken!!! for shinee!! the thai fans thought really hard… on what food they would buy to feed shinee… (cr inyoureyes, bromhk)

150420 shinee in thailand - today shinee received kfc and dairy queen ice cream delivery! they realized they should’ve ordered from baskin robbins instead. shinee weren’t able to eat except a bit so the fans kept on sending them food. (cr maybe.print, bromhk)

150420 shinee in thailand - !!!! early morning today, one fan witnessed onew and jonghyun peeling their clothes off because they were gonna apply lotion on themselves. that fan spilled her coffee…. (cr bromhk)

150420 shinee in thailand - during lunch, key was (acting) like a kindergartner while holding his plate. and he was calling jonghyun “jonghyun-ah~~” (cr bromhk)

Source/tr: yitemin

SHINee prepare special choreography for ‘SHINee World Concert IV’

SHINee speak out on the special choreography for their fourth solo concert, ‘SHINee World Concert IV’ that is scheduled to be held in Seoul. According to Jonghyun, the preparation is made specifically for Shawol.

Jonghyun revealed the that  he and fellow SHINee member are currently preparing a special choreography for SHINee’s concert in Seoul when he was  guest-staring on ‘Shim Shim Tapa’ radio program hosted by DJ Joong Jun Young.

“We’re preparing gorgeous choreography. So all of you can anticipate it,” told Jonghyun.

SHINee is set to held their ‘SHINee World Concert IV’ at Olympic Park Gymnastics Gymnasium, on May 15-17.