Dean Koontz is one of the world’s most popular novelists, with 450 million books sold worldwide. In recent years, his series featuring Odd Thomas — a young fry cook with paranormal powers, including the ability to see the spirits of the “lingering dead” — has been particularly popular, with 20 million copies sold to date. Now the series is ending with its seventh installment, Saint Odd (currently No. 4 on USA TODAY’s Best-Selling Books list), in which the character returns to his hometown of Pico Mundo, Calif., to fulfill the destiny foretold in the series opener in 2003.

Kevin Nance, USA Today, 1/27/15

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Enzo, thanks for your comment about Darren. I really want to do more street portraits, as there are so many people who are so interesting visually. I think I'm just going to have to steel myself and do it. Best, Kevin.

Thanks a lot for your reply, Kevin … yes, you should do it definitely if you feel some kind of urge to do it … it’s a real thrill and it often turns out not to be that hard if you kind and friendly … anyway – wish you good luck!

Peace & happiness, Enzo

kevinnance replied to your post:I’m not meaning to sound creepy but how’s your episiotomy doing? I don’t know if it was just my experience, but I’m surprised you’re not - uncontrollably - blogging about the searing and unbearable pain you’re in right now? Like are you not in pain? Is that normal?!

Glad you’re feeling better!

Thanks! I think I physically bounced back much quicker than normal, comparing notes with other new mommies. Psychologically remains to be seen - let’s see where my brain chemistry lands once the hormones level out. But with the rhythm and needs of a newborn (who is currently sitting at my feet, grunting like a piglet foraging for truffles and scowling in his sleep) are very trying. How do I not have time to reply to emails in a day? How can I not manage to scroll through tumblr?

That’s the goal for next week - get back to as close to the pre-babe daily pattern. 

so i was tagged by this asshole ianterweb (they’re actually a babe go follow them

name: alexa???? lex???? moon moon???? idek at this point lel

birthday: august 25

orientation: asexual/if ur cute then let’s snuggle

height: 5’3 or 5’4 idk either way i ain’t gettin any bigger

favorite color: pastel (yes i just listed pastel as a color shut up)

current day and time: 5:01 on a friday

favorite book(s): there was this one where a baby was gonna be murdered but then he somehow got away and was raised by ghosts in a cemetery???? idk it was pretty rad

favorite tv show: does treetopia count

favorite alcoholic beverage: i am a chILDREN

last movie i saw in cinema: big hero six

dream vacation: ur dick :-)

dream job: sleeping in bed and getting paid one hundred thousand dollars

and imma go ahead and tag chinaprimeisonyourside alekslittlecareer aphsitaly apricotagony azamaniac babyjakey blindlibra brendonfckingurie captainthief doubled-by-twice-the-amount everyonehasa-meaning graylikesturtles greywardenfinas haisimsim hipster-kevinn hazardass killerfreakshow phanshakes remelitalia turnipsenpai weeaboo-egg willsolass yourfacemakesmemoist

kevinnance replied to your post: So I was searching for found slide ima…

And when I say “you,” I mean the dream you in the picture. I know it’s not really you.

Whoever she is is beaming. I really like the image, even if it didn’t feature my doppelganger. I like to think that I’m smiling because time-traveler me knows the sort of random images present-day me searches for on the internet and knows I will find this and get a kick out of it.

I hate you princessofthedumpster

Challenge: you can tell alot about a person by the type of music they listen to. Hit shuffle on whatever you listen to music on and then tag 10 people.

1.Limelight: Boyinaband ft. Cryaotic
2.Like other girls: Mulan 2 
3.Blood Gulch Blues: Trocadero
4.Off with her head: Ghost Town
5.Bludgeoned to death: Suicide Silence
6.Let’s kill tonight: Panic! At the disco
7.The ghost of you: My Chemical Romance
8.Human Nature: 2cellos
9.Here comes my baby: Sons of Admirals
10.Nicotine: Panic! At the disco
11.Hands of a killer: Suicide Silence
12.Alice human sacrifice: Rockleetist
13.Don’t mess with ouija boards: Falling in Reverse
14.Forest: Twenty one pilots
15.Fuck: Bring me the horizon
16.ME!ME!ME: Teddyloid
17:Come and get it: Krewlla
18.Time to say goodbye: Jeff Williams
19.The Wind beneath my wings: Sonata Artica
20. Second and sebring: Of mice & men

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Rules: You can tell a lot about a person by the type of music they listen to. Hit shuffle on iTunes, phone, music player, whatever, then list the first ten songs. Then pass this on to ten people. Remember: No Skipping:) Tagged by - industrialmoments

i only have 13 songs on my music app. other than that i listen to pandora (and i skip on that app a lot) sooooo… i’ll do 3 extra.

1.) long way down // robert delong
2.) gooey // glass animals
3.) your woman // white town
4.) till it’s gone // yelawolf
5.) true affection // the blow
6.) insane in the brain // cypress hill
7.) everlasting light // the black keys
8.) no type // rae sremmurd (lmao)
9.) get over it // ok go
10.) happy idiot // tv on the radio
11.) brass monkey // beastie boys
12.) bottom of the river // delta rae
13.) paul revere // beastie boys

I’m tagging - (random people) audreydoudy baseddoc cullen-bosasspants disappointing-horse explosive-cabbage fer-shy getmesomeseamus hipster-kevinn im-not-nor-mal jokerjeamus

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✺ ☢ because i'm not feeling them long paras rn i'm sorry :/

don't worry about it, boo boo!! totally fine by me! :~)

Send ✺for a saucy text
Send ☢ for a desperate text

[ text to; Kevin ] Fuck, where the hell are you? My legs are shaking and I can’t fucking stay still— jesus christ, why did you choose to be late tonight of all nights?? You need to.. You need to fucking hurry or I swear to god…

[ text to; Kevin ] Kevinn… I hope you’re not at work. If you are, well, that’s far too bad.. Because guess whose at work and not wearing any panties today…?

#TeamJevin ✌️💖

Ni crean que bese la pantalla😂❤️
Lkjdhsh no mamen KEVINN! Se esta poniendo mas Pinche bueno 😍 sus brazotes 💪 comparados con los de Joe 👀 ok ya me callo :v
HAHAHHA me matan las patitas chuecas de Jose 👦
Se ven tan sensuales!! Amo cuando Joe usa botas 😏
Creo que fueron a comer tacos 😂😂

#JoeJonas #KevinJonas