I’ve been browsing the Playstore recently and came across a cool app that allows you to create your own fonts (TTF files), share them, and use them for anything you might need. See the app here.

I made a little note using the font I had created, which I named “Sweets”. Yeah, yeah. Laugh at the name. Hahahaha. I did too. Genius.

I didn’t create symbols, numerics, and punctuation marks in this set, but I made sure to complete the font pack the next time around. If you ever want to download the font, comment below and I’ll gladly email you the complete font pack. I also take requests. *wink wink.

*Did the font on my tablet with the use of my own fingers. It got pretty tiresome during the last glyphs. Hahaha.

Here are two sources for fonts I often use for personal documents/projects:

1. Kevin and Amanda
2. DaFont

Enjoy font-hunting!

Cook Books vs. Online Recipes

The Issue:

  1. As a hard up student who worried disproportionately about money, but who also loves to cook, it’s an interesting question.  I love to have a recipe book in my hand, to have the full collection of recipes, introductions and photos from the chefs involved.  However, I do not like the prices tag.  
  2. Chefs have sort of cottoned onto this by bringing out cheaper than book apps and putting recipes on their websites.
  3. Websites and blogs have allowed people without access to a professional kitchen and a book deal to get their food out into the world.  Sometimes this can end with the unsuspecting internet-goer trying a dud recipe, but sometimes it can bring up some awesome new styles and flavours of food.  

Recommended Site:

My advice would be to use recipes from websites you’ve tried and tested and/or to make use of collaborative websites which have star-ratings and comments sections.

The one website that I absolutely love at the moment is


It’s fresh and stylish with detailed recipes and tonnes of great looking pictures, I’ve never had a recipe from this site turn out wrong!  I’ll be putting up some of my favourite recipes from them in the next few weeks.

Recipe Books For Cheaps

Of course, there are ways of getting recipe books on the cheap, or even free… the classic Summer fetes, second hand book stalls, charity shops etc are a treasure trove of old recipe books.  Some recipes can go out of fashion, but mostly the stuff will be just as good as when the book was first bought.

My top tip, though, is book swaps.  Basically they are popup shops where you bring in an unwanted book from home and get to take away a book from the shop for free…there is a brilliant one in Kingly Court in London from which I have gotten these three stunners in the last week alone:

Muses and Inspiration

Characters: Hongbin, Original Character
Genre: Romance, Fluff
Prompt: LJ’s 100 Colours: #94 Sand
Song Inspiration: L’amour (French Version)  - Brigitte Zarie

Muses and Inspiration

“Hongbin,” Jaehwan called, “stop taking pictures and enjoy it, it’s not every day we set to see Paris!

“Just a couple more,” Hongbin replied absentmindedly. Jaehwan would never understand his passion for photography.

He just wanted this perfect angle of the café, hoping that it’ll inspire him – but just as the camera-shutters went off, a tiny, sand-puff of a dog cut in.  

Hongbin tsked in annoyance.

“Oliver!” a voice shouted. Hongbin turned to see a girl running towards the pup, catching the creature in her arms.

Her eyes met his eyes.

Hongbin’s heart sped up.

He found his new muse. 

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