kevin_woo1125 WE ALL SCREAM 4 ICE CREAM!! Thanks for preparing an ice cream truck for us and all the ASC staff members!!! It was such a perfect day to gather around and eat really good ice cream especially during this hot weather :) You guys are the best!! Wish we could enjoy it with you guys next time :) 오늘 애프터스쿨클럽에서 키스미가 엠씨들이랑 스텝분들을 위해 아이스크림 트럭을 준비해주셨어요!!! 더운 날씨에 짱짱짱! ㅋㅋ 역시 키스미 뿐이야~~ 고마워요^^
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prompt Give me your money. Kevin

“Give me your money.” You may have been smaller than Kevin, but you were pretty demanding and pretty persuasive…which meant you always came to him for money. It probably wasn’t the best solution, but damn did it work. 

“Y/N i’m not giving you my money.” 

“C’mon, Kev! All I want is to play in the arcade….please?” You’d been bored all day, nobody was letting you do anything and you were going slightly stir crazy. 

“Okay…okay, fine, but you better stop complaining!” Kevin sighed, nodding lightly. He was always a sucker for you and whatever you wanted. Maybe he needed an intervention. 

“You’re the best!” You skipped away, coins in hand, while Kevin watched on and looked at his rather sparse and empty wallet…”I shouldn’t be so soft…goddamn it…” He sighed, walking off and rubbing his forehead. He really needed to stop giving you money.