we were discussing yokai in the MC chat and were thinking of more members for the yokai yakuza so I was bouncing around this dude

his name is Jin and he is a Jikninki, which are similar to Wendigos in transformation and function. He was a war vet from long ago who got injured and stranded with some of his fellow soldiers that couldn’t make it. With very little choice and no food, he had to cannibalise to make it through the days of wandering but instead he found himself slowly transforming into a monster as a result. He is very somber normally, tries to stay out of everyones way and shields his face with bandages and a Tengu mask.

The little dog on the right is Chichi. Chichi is not a normal dog- she is a Keukegen. She is basically a ball if pestilence, depite the fact she acts like a normal dog. He found her  one day in an abandoned house he was resting in and she immediately jumped on him and that was that. Chichi is one of the very few living things that can be with him at all times, and she has become something of a therapy dog for him, as he frequently has PTSD attacks and they can be violent in his Wendigo like state if not checked. 

He sometimes can use a human glamour during the day time to walk around, but he will often look lost or tired and lumber around. Although he is a gluttonous beast, he can get along with people if they want to know him. You just need to be willing to deal with the whole monster thing

as far as his Yakuza status, he’s usually used like the clean up crew or the junkyard dog that does all the dirty work

Keukegen (毛羽毛現, “fluffy hair appearance”) is a creature illustrated in Toriyama Sekien’s Konjaku Hyakki Shūi. It resembles a small dog covered entirely in long hair. Its name is a pun - when written with different kanji (希有怪訝), keukegen means “an unusual thing which is rarely seen”.

According to one report, the keukegen is a disease spirit which lives in damp, dark places and causes people in the house to get sick.