meinegottin said:

tangerine ;3

didn’t i just tell you last night i don’t know if i like him-like him??

cries waifu you are cruel to me why

whatever i’ll describe him anyways

  • he’s tall
  • has short-ish sandy blonde hair
  • resembles something of a puppy
  • really tall
  • a bit brawny too
  • plays the french horn in band
  • has been kind of a jerk to me lately for some reason
  • like he’ll mimick some things i say that i think are witty in a stupid falsetto with no reason when i’m not even talking to him or something
  • i don’t know why
  • lately i’ve been wanting to punch him
  • he’s too much of a nice guy to hit back anyways
  • i think
  • but he’s still pretty tall
  • he also really likes superheroes
  • and dubbed me spiderwoman and himself green lantern
  • he really likes green lantern just listen to him talk about it
  • he also is a total fanboy for joss whedon and james cameron and alan rickman and nathan fillion
  • and really likes classical music
  • he’s also quite smart and reads a lot
  • and he’ll react to books as he’s reading them too like a total book nerd it’s pretty cute
  • he’s also dating some girl that’s nice as far as i know though i know a few people i know and are good friends with don’t like her that much though the girl’s sister is awesome
  • he’s a bit of a dick to her sister though and his gf’s sister is awesome
  • i also was mistaken as the lesbian gf of his gf’s sister when neither of us are homosexual by someone we know but that’s another story
  • anyway
  • he’s pretty protective over one of my other friends too and acts like an overprotective father and brother all in one
  • and he’s bros with the protagonist which is funny cuz he was the antagonist in the play we did and it’s cute to watch them be bros together
  • i still want to punch him sometimes though
  • he seriously can be a total dick
  • and have i mentioned he’s tall
  • and has made puns about me being more than a head shorter than him?
  • he makes some pretty great puns though
  • and has the bah-dum-tish sound effect on his phone
  • and does have pretty good taste overall in music and books and movies
  • there’s kind of this awkward tense vibe between us though whenever we’re alone together in an area for more than two seconds though and i don’t know why it’s just super awkward
  • and have i mentioned he’s really tall???

meinegottin said:

purple, red, & black! :3333 ps hi tabbs

why hello there you sexy thing you ;333


  • it has a purple theme
  • it’s usually a mess
  • but organized chaos
  • i had to clean it today
  • i have two technically-closet areas but one is used for storage and the other is used for mostly more storage of things that aren’t even mine and then i have a rack of clothes
  • one of the lights burnt out years ago and i’m too lazy to even tell my parents or ask my dad to fix it
  • i’ve had roach problems for years and therefore keep boric acid nearby and gleefully apply it to the edges where the wall meets the floor
  • i have a laundry basket full of yarn and needles
  • my walls are wood so i can’t paint things and mom gets angry if i hang things up on the wall sob
  • i have over 4,000 books in my room


  • god dammit ummmm
  • i don’t know who to say i have a lot of besties??
  • aka all the burrowers
  • but for simplicity’s sake i guess i’ll just say like shishi??

kay then five facts about ishi:

  • i’ve known her for over five years now thanks to fanfiction
  • i’ve never met her in real life
  • i can’t pronounce her name properly
  • i tend to do a poor imitation of her accent after we vc and sometimes during whoops
  • she’s like 90% of the reason why i want to visit the united kingdom and northern ireland. there are other reasons to visit the country, too, but she’s most of them. but shhhhhhh!


  • i’m not sure if i really like him-like him? like, i’ve never actually had a legit crush before so idk if this is legit a crush or if i’m just somewhat awkward because he’s been like the first guy that i’ve been so uber-aware that he’s NOT ANOTHER BRO and not related and have been consciously aware he’s a BOY, like an actual member of the opposite GENDER, which is usually something i don’t register cuz all my male friends are basically like more brothers that i’m not actually related to and don’t see all the time, and the fact he’s p cute and nice and usually a sweetie confuses me more in the matter and like?? i don’t really know??
  • idk this is why i don’t do feelings they’re too hard
  • cries