We thus have four criteria laid out in 1955 for Deleuze’s future philosophy. Firstly, like Hegel, he believes that Kantian critique must at a certain point be subordinated to a philosophical affirmation of the logicity of being. Secondly, he affirms that as the philosophy of immanence concerns the absolute, therefore all differentiation found in it will be internal, self-generated, differentiation. Thirdly, this philosophy must be able to ‘say its own sense’, and through this reflexive act, coincide with the sense of Being itself. Finally, we also have the suggestion that the absolute claims of Hegelian philosophy must be purified of dependence on phenomenal and anthropological content, and that this latter category, for some as yet unspecified reason, includes the concepts of contradiction and negation. The decisive problem for Deleuze’s project will lie in consistently articulating the third criterion along with the others.
—  Christian Kerslake, The Vertigo of Philosophy

1981. Diary of a Madman

 is the second solo album by vocalist Ozzy Osbourne. It was released on 7 November 1981, the album has sold over 3.2 million copies worldwide. 

Diary of a Madman is the final album recorded by guitarist Randy Rhoads, who perished in an airplane crash in early 1982. It also represents drummer Lee Kerslake’s final appearance with Osbourne. Although bassist Rudy Sarzo and drummer Tommy Aldridge are credited in the liner notes and pictured on the inner sleeve, it was bassist Bob Daisley and drummer Kerslake who performed all bass and drum parts on the original release. Aldridge has stated of the album, “I think it’s pretty obvious that it’s not my drumming on that album. I have never taken credit for that recording and have always given Lee Kerslake, whenever asked or interviewed, the credit he rightly deserves.

Daisley provided significant contributions to the album’s songwriting, having written some of the music and most of the lyrics. Drummer Kerslake claims to have also had a substantial hand in the writing of the album, even performing lead vocals on some of the original demo recordings. “”Flying High Again” was one of my ideas, “Over the Mountain” was another. The basic tracks were just Bob’s words, my vocals—though some of the words I wrote—and Randy’s playing. It was unreal. And then we got Don Airey to come in and do the keyboards”, he stated in 2009. Kerslake says he used a piano in the studio to write many of the songs with Rhoads.Daisley and Kerslake were not given credit for their performance or songwriting contributions, a situation which resulted in a later lawsuit.

Don Airey is credited for having played keyboards on this record, it was in fact a musician named Johnny Cook (who had worked with Daisley in Mungo Jerry) who recorded the keyboard parts, as Airey was on tour with Rainbow at the time.

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