*taps Chibs on shoulder*

*Ahem* Hey Chibs, I’d hate to disrupt your dysfunctional, co-dependant, weird fuckfests with Sherrif Jarry but I think you’ve forgotten something.


And you’ve also forgotten what true love is. It’s the woman who was basically “held captive” in an unwanted relationship for years with Jimmy O to keep you alive.


I think the absolute worst thing about Chibs' erased characterization is that, while it's all were Sutter's decisions, we have to consider Chibs an independent human being, who makes his own choices.

Season 3 gave as a good look inside Chibs’ head and soul, and we saw all this love he has for his girls, and the love he has for Juice. This story was really important for his characterization, it showed for the first time that Chibs’ isn’t just a dirty, old outlaw biker. He’s capable of this feelings, that are so gentle in nature, but also absolutely unbreakable. Or, at least, it looked that way…

Because now Chibs doesn’t seem to care about any of the people, he seemed to love so dearly. The only person he said “I love you” to lately, only person he cares about now, is Jax.

Chibs acts like Fiona, Kerrianne, and Juice doesn’t even exist, and they did noting to deserve that kind of treatment, he just turned on them for no apparent reason. Instead of being there for people who actually love him and need him, people he made promises to, Chibs spends his days supporting Jax in his horrible decision making and getting into relationships with a woman, he has no business to be interested in.

Of course he’s just a character. Chibs is not bad, he’s just written that way. But withing SoA universe he’s an actual human being, who decides how to live his life on his own. And this is what we judge him on.

Well, look at your life, Filip, look at your choices. Because they’re horrible, and I judge you really hard. 


Like, really, those are the people, you choose to be with?! Grab your boyfriend and move back to Ireland, while you’re both still alive.

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Lily was in Aun' Mo's shop helping Triny stack shelves. She could not reach very far at 5, but she tried. Putting another roll of paper towels on a low shelf, she took another from Triny just as a man entered Aunt Mo's shop. He had darker skin like Uncle Filip, dark hair, & round blue eyes. They were mean eyes, & Lily was scared. She knew this man. This man had been there when her Ma died. Dropping the towels, Lily moved close to Mo & tugged on her shirt. "Aun' Mo." Her voice shook.

The boys were on a run, leaving Maureen with Trinity and Lily. Fiona had been by earlier with Kerrianne, but Kerri had a doctor’s appointment, so the two had left not long before. Maureen looked up as the bell above the door rang. “‘Lo, Jimmy.” She spoke to the man who came inside. Jimmy O’Phelan had been Army born and bred, much like she herself. He was like a brother to her, as if she didn’t have enough of those. At the tug on her shirt, Maureen looked down at Lily. “Wha’, love?” She could tell something was bothering the girl.

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She gave John a wary look.  In truth, she had never liked him.  She had watched him lead Maureen astray and then leave her, had seen her best friend waste away at his expense.  But that did not change the fact that he was here in front of her now and had been for the past week — in her home.

"Kerrianne will be back from holiday with Trinity in two days," she told him, putting down a cup of tea.  "Considering that neither Seamus or Maureen know that you’re here, do you plan on staying somewhere else?  Despise me for saying so, John, but you lost your last friend around these parts with the death of McGee."