More rebornica fan art :P

This is SUPPOSED to be Foxy’s spirit (is that right? the yellow one’s foxy? I cant find the post so I’m confussled…) as a keron-jin, but the drawings all fucked-up and shit, the quality dropped tremendously, it seriously looked better on my 3ds, in 3d.

I don’t know in which way could that change our relationship. But it seems that Koyuki-dono has already decided to bond with Natsumi-dono in her own way, so it is very unlikely that we could be “something”… I think?

Keronian Aperture

Alice was in her room pondering over how she became a keronian android. She liked SGT Frog, but she didn’t like it as much as to alter her body to make herself look like one of the froggie invaders. “I wonder if anybody else is like this….” She pondered to herself.