kerenolisa replied to your post: mehhhh i got my hair cut and i’m really regretting…

sorry i think i’m a lil hyper right now but… if you need help/someone to articulate what you want at a salon i can help with that!!!! I am paranoid about salon people and repeatedly remind them because Idk people don’t care or understand sometimes

haha no worries, enthusiasm is always appreciated.

i can do braids, but they’re comically small

salon people always intimidate me because they always go on about how much hair i have and also how dry it is and i mean curly hair has a tendency to be dry just like straight hair has a tendency to be oily. and i can’t help that i’ve got a lot of hair(well had) and just meh

thank you for the concern, though. i’ll figure out how to rock the do. 

and by the by, asymmetrical hair is the coolest, imo