Friends Gabriel Kuo and Keren Richter opened up shop last week in Berlin, RATS.

We are eating up all of the eye candy via the interweb on what is going down at Rats!!!

Thanks for not only smuggling our books across international waters, but also for the shout out about our mission at Ed. Varie in the New York Times write up HERE 

Also, lovely interview and survey of the goods on Sight Unseen HERE

Visit Rats in person Monday through Saturday from 12 p.m. to 7 p.m. through AUGUST 24th, Torstrasse 68, Berlin; and also online,

Recently my friends Kathrin and Julia came by my apartment and interviewed me for their German fashion blog, Two For Fashion. They asked me to talk about the designers I love, about my ‘style’ and then I bopped in and out of a few different looks. Their blog is all in German, but you can see a video of me and some various photos here